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Articles by M.N. Haque (6)

Standardize Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technique for the Detection of Pathogenic Serovars of Mycobacterium a. avium Infection in Layer Chicken

M.N. Haque, U.K. Rima, M.Z. Hossain, M.S. Islam, S.M.Z.H. Chowdhury, M.M. Hossain and M.A.H.N.A. Khan

Asian Journal of Poultry Science 10 ( 4 ): 175 - 183 , 2016

Factors Limiting the Pregnancy Rates in Artificially Inseminated Cows in Bangladesh

M.N. Haque, M.R. Gofur, K.M. Asaduzzaman and M.M.U. Bhuiyan

International Journal of Dairy Science 10 ( 6 ): 278 - 287 , 2015

Effects of Sweet and Sour Yogurt Supplementation in Drinking Water on Antibiotics Free Commercial Broiler Production

A-Al Mamun, M.Z. Islam, J. Islam, M.N. Haque, J. Raihan, M.S. Ali, M.R. Hasan, S.S. Jahan and M.S. Islam

International Journal of Poultry Science 20 ( 5 ): 215 - 223 , 2021

A Study of the Milking and Reproductive Performances of Indigenous Cattle at Urban Area of Bangladesh

M.N. Haque, S.A. Aziz, S.S. Chanda, M.I. Hossain and M.A. Baset

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 5 ( 1 ): 97 - 100 , 2002

Effect of Urea Molasses Straw (UMS) on the Performance of Steers (Local Zebu Cattle) with Supplementation of Wheat Bran

M.A. Baset, M.M. Rahman, M.L. Ali, A.S.M. Mahbub and M.N. Haque

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 5 ( 7 ): 807 - 808 , 2002

Effect of Urea Molasses Straw on the Productive and Reproductive Performance of Indigenous Cows under the Village Conditions of Bangladesh

M.S. Hossain, M.N. Haque, S.A. Aziz, M.S. Mazumder, M.L. Ali and A.T.M. M-E-Elahi

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 5 ( 9 ): 997 - 999 , 2002