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Articles by M.H. Dehghan
Total Records ( 16 ) for M.H. Dehghan
  Daryani, A. , A. Zavaran Hosseini , M. Sharif , A. Dalimi , M.H. Dehghan and H. Ziaei
  Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate intracellular parasite that infects all mammalian cells. Several antigens such as excreted/secreted antigens have been identified as potential vaccine candidates. The main goal of the present study was to determine how excreted/secreted antigens from peritoneal exudates of infected mice (mESA) stimulate cell-mediated immune responses and protective immunity against toxoplasmosis in the murine model. The supernatants produced from the peritoneal fluids were fractionated by precipitation with ammonium sulphate solution (30-80% saturated). For induction of cell-mediated immune responses, Delayed type hypersensitivity was measured in injected footpad measured in injected footpad. By adding [ H] thymidine to cell cultures, their radioactivities were measured. Nitric oxide was measured by Griess method. For immunization, Balb/c mice were immunized 2 times with mESA, mESA-40% and Toxoplasma Lysate Antigen (TLA). The virulent RH strain of Toxoplasma gondii was used for challenging. The pattern of lymphocyte responsiveness was dependent on the kind of antigen employed for induction of the blastogenesis. In sensitized mice, those received mESA-40% displayed higher counts per minute than mice that stimulated by mESA (p<0.05). The highest amounts of nitric oxide were observed in macrophages, which received mESA-40% and mESA (p<0.05). Mice immunized with mESA-40% survived longer than those immunized with mESA and other antigens (p<0.05). As fraction 40% (mESA-40%) showed a good result in induction of cell-mediated responses in the murine model, for getting better response, this antigen have to be purified further.
  Daryani , N. Barmaki , G.H. Ettehad , M. Sharif , M.H. Dehghan , A. Nemati and H. Ziaei
  Blastocystis hominis is a protozoan parasite whose importance as a cause of gastrointestinal pathology is controversial. The aim of this study was to evaluate the frequency of Blastocystis hominis (B. hominis) and the presence of symptoms among primary schoolchildren. This cross-sectional study was conducted in 1070 schoolchildren between 7-13 years old in northwest Iran, 2003. A questionnaire was completed for each child. Stool specimens were collected by stratified random sampling and were examined using direct wet mount for presence of B. hominis and formalin-ether concentration method for helminthes eggs and protozoan cysts. The most common parasite was B. hominis (<5 cells per field) (28.2%) followed by Giardia lamblia (G. lamblia) 14.2%. A total of 109/1070 (10.2%) showed $5 B. hominis per field. The most common symptoms in children who showed only B. hominis were abdominal pain (49.4%), anorexia (35.8%) and nausea (33%). On the basis of our findings we recommend that B. hominis be considered as a potential pathogen in symptomatic people, especially children when the number of organisms in a stool specimen exceeds five organisms per field. Awareness on the part of clinicians and laboratory technicians is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment of cases.
  Daryani, A. , R. Alaei , R. Arab , M. Sharif , M.H. Dehghan and H. Ziaei
  Hydatidosis is one of common diseases between human and animals. Different intermediate hosts distribute this dangerous disease in a region. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of hydatid cyst in slaughtered animals in northwest Iran. In this cross-sectional study, a total of 5381 animals (928 cattle, 243 buffaloes, 3765 sheep and 445 goats) were inspected macroscopically for hydatid cyst. Prevalence rate of hydatid cyst in cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats was 38.3, 11.9, 74.4 and 20%, respectively. In all cases, its prevalence in female cattle and sheep was more than male (p<0.001). Most condemnation cases were seen in lung of sheep (13.4%). It appears that sheep are the most important intermediate hosts for Echinococcus granulosus (E. granulosus) in this area.
  A. Daryani , R. Alaei , R. Arab , M. Sharif , M.H. Dehghan and H. Ziaei
  Fasciola spp. and Dicrocoelium dendriticum are common parasites of herbivores in most countries of the Middle East, such as Iran. In chronic infections, these parasites cause biliary cirrhosis in livers of cattle and sheep and lead to economic losses. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of fascioliasis and dicrocoeliasis in animals. In a cross-sectional study, the livers of 5381 animals bread with traditional methods and 1848 animals bread with commercial methods, in Ardabil province, northwestern Iran, (2004-2005) were inspected for Fasciola spp. and Dicrocoelium dendriticum. The highest prevalence of Fasciola and Dicrocoelium infections were seen in cattle and goats, respectively. There was a significant seasonal pattern for Dicrocoelium in cattle, sheep and goats (p<0.001), but in different animals there were no statistically significant differences with respect to season. The most and the least rates of total condemnation of liver were seen in cattle (19.4%) and goats (0.4%), respectively (p<0.001).
  Z. Tazakori , M.H. Dehghan , M. Zare , N. Foladi and R. Mohmmad
  Diabetes mellitus remains as a significant universal health problem. Globally, the prevalence of diabetes mellitus is projected to growth from 135 million in 1995 to 300 million in 2025. The main aim of this study was determination of the effect of rice bran on blood glucose level and plasma lipid parameters in type II patients. This study was Double Blind non cross-over Trial 60 Diabetic Patient which hadnít renal and liver disorder and high hypertension after physical exam selected and then randomly divided to two intervention and control group first group intake 10 g soluble rice bran 2 period a day (at morning and before sleeping) and second group intake placebo blood glucose and plasma lipids levels were determined before and after study The data were analyzed by paired t-test and ANOVA, using SPSS and Food processor. The fasting serum Glucose level and 2 h after eating were reduced significantly (p< 0/001). Triglyceride levels were reduced (p< 0/01) and HDL were increased significantly too (p< 0/05).LDL and cholesterol had reduced too but not significant (p>0.05). Consequently, rice bran can be used as nutritional supplements for the control of diabetes mellitus patients.
  I.R. Soor , A. Naghizadeh Baghi , M.H. Dehghan , A. Nemati , F. Farnaz Torabi , D. SHeikholeslami Vatani and Asadi Abdollah
  Today, cardiovascular diseases are one of the major causes of mobility and mortality in the developed countries. Also, the beneficiary effect of physical activities on risk factors associated with theses diseases are well documented, little is known about the engagement time and nutrition status of the subjects in such activities. Therefore, this research was conducted to determine the effects of engagement time under various nutrition statuses in which desirable responses occur. In this study 31 sedentary women who had at least one of the risk factors associated with the cardiovascular diseases were selected as the subjects for this research. They participated in an aerobic exercise program with intensity between 60-70% of their maximum heart rate. The program included 1 h session of exercise, three times a week for 18 weeks. The subjects were randomly assigned into three groups, including the exercise condition 1- in the early morning prior to consuming breakfast; exercise condition 2- fed 5 h following lunch in the afternoon and the control group with no exercise protocol. All the subjects completed the research protect. Triglyceride, HDL, LDL level of the blood of the subjects as the factors associable with the incidence of cardiovascular disease was measured at 6, 12 and 18 weeks following the start of exercise program. The beneficiary effects of participation in physical activities in the fasting condition in the morning was statistically more significant than the fed group in regard to the level of HDL following the 18 weeks. In addition, the level of blood cholesterol and lipid varied significantly in both exercise groups following 6 and 12 weeks of exercise, whereas these changes were significantly more significant in the fasting group. The level of blood LDL did not change significantly in all groups (p< 0.05). Cholesterol, lipids and LDL density variation due to the participation in physical activities is not dependent upon the morning or afternoon engagement. However, the beneficence effects of such activities on HDL level changes may be more pronounced during the fasting status.
  A. Mardi , S.Refahi , T. Jabbarzadeh , M. Mashoufi and M.H. Dehghan
  To estimate the frequency and the medical and general reasons for discontinuation of intrauterine device (TCu-380 A), duration of IUD use in patients who were admitted to our clinic for removal of IUD. We studied 271 cases of IUD removal with respect to duration of use, cause of removal and sociodemographic characteristics. All of IUD removed was Tcu-380 A. The relationships among duration of use, age, number of children were analyzed. The reasons for removal and their relationship to duration of use were investigated. The mean age of cases included in the study was 28.1 years, mean duration of use was 3.4 years and mean number of children was 2.3. Although there was no statistically relationship between causing discontinuation with number of children, we observed that women with any number of children removed IUD due to bleeding and spotting. The reasons for removal were frequently side effects related to IUD use. We observed that medical reasons specially bleeding and spotting were the commonest cause of discontinuation of IUD.
  A. Valizadeh , M. Khorshidi Hosini , M. Siahkohiyan , A. Naghizadeh Baghi , M.H. Dehghan and L. Bolboli
  Body composition is frequently used as one of several indicators of overall health fitness. Accurate measurements of the body composition in young boys are essential to evaluate nutritional status and health implications. This study was conducted to compare 3 equations Brozek , Slaghter and Jackson-pollock, in prediction of Body Fat percentage (%BF) via Skinfold thickness (SKF) method with Segmental Multi-Frequency Bioimpedance (SMFBIA) as a criterion method, in 15-17 years-old Azerbaijan-Iranian adolescent boys. Subjects were 45 healthy boys whose mean±SD age, height, weight and BMI were 16.04±0.767 years, 168±7.73 cm, 59.6±9.77 kg, 20.69±3.19 kg m 2, respectively. %BF values were calculated using three selected equation and SMFBIA (inbody 3). Methodological differences among the these methods (three selected equation and BIA) were analyzed with Bland-Altman (1986) method. The value mean±SD of %BF were obtained using the SMFBIA method (12.45±6.15%). Results showed that predicted %BF by brozek-lohman equation has highest agreement with SMFBIA method (mean±SD difference,(-0.99±1.25%, p< 0.05). Slaghter equation overestimated %BF comparison with SMFBIA (5%, p< 0.05) and Jackson-pollock equation underestimated %BF comparing with SMFBIA (-5.46%, p< 0.05). This study demonstrates that; although all equations used in present study have been commonly utilized to estimate body fat percentage in world adolescent boys, but the brozek-lohman equation hold promise for estimating (%BF) in Azerbaijan -Iranian adolescent boys. Obviously it is necessary to do further studies.
  M. Pourissa , S. Refahi and M.H. Dehghan
  Spinal tumors are uncommon lesions but may cause significant morbidity in terms of limb dysfunction. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 90 patients who hospitalized on at our institution since January 2003-December 2006. The purpose of this study was to determine the usefulness of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in localizing and detecting types of the spinal tumors in 50 patients with spinal tumors operated at the Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tabriz, Iran. We describe the most common spinal tumors in detail. In general, intradural extramedullary lesions are the most common with metastasis being the most frequent. Intrathecal lesions are rare. Finally we illustrate that use of magnetic resonance imaging can be useful to recognizing of spinal tumors, specially after administration of a contrast media by sensitivity of 94%.
  M. Pourissa , S. Refahi , K. Hosseinzadeh and M.H. Dehghan
  The purpose of this study was to illustrate the spectrum of cerebral lesions diagnosed by Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recovery (FLAIR) imaging in patients with epilepsy. A retrospective study was conducted on 104 patients with epilepsy who had undergone brain MRI with fluid attenuated inversion recovery sequence at the MRI center of Sheikholraiis clinic, Tabriz, Iran. Abnormalities scans were acquired in 66(63.5%) patients. Space Occupying Tumors (SOT) was detected in 25(24%) patients, Vascular Malformations (VM) in 17(16.35%) patients, hippocampal sclerosis in 7(6.8%) patients, Scars of Old Lesions (SOL) in 7(6.8%) patients, multiple sclerosis in 4(3.85%) patients, malformations of cortical development in 2(1.9%) patients and other in 4(3.85%) patients. The most frequent lesions were Space Occupying Tumors (SOT), followed, in decreasing order by Vascular Malformations (VM) and Hippocampal Sclerosis (HS). The most common tumors were low-grade gliomas.
  Y. Tabarraie , S. Refahi and M.H. Dehghan
  Hearing protection is very important for workers in noisy work environments, although the willingness of workers to wear hearing protectors depends heavily on some factors. This study evaluated effective factors on use of hearing protection devices. A cross sectional study carried out on 396 randomly selected from among industrial workers at the Qom province, Iran. In workplaces the noise levels were above the safe limit of 85 dB. Data collected through a questionnaire and analyzed by SPSS software. 331/396 (83.6%) of the workers used of hearing protection devices. 266/396 (67.2%) had high facilitation in their workplaces, 69/396 (17.4%) had employers` with education background higher than 12th grade, 296/396 (74.7%) passed health education period before employment. There were significant difference between above three factors and use of hearing protection devices.
  Y. Tabarraie , S. Refahi , M.H. Dehghan and M. Mashoufi
  The main goal of the present study, is to examine the women`s primary infertility rate of high natural background radiation among the residents of Ramsar, one of the inhabited areas with highest natural background radiation. This report summarizes the data obtained from 155 residents of high natural background radiation area (case group) and 800 residents from an ordinary radiation area (control group). Overall data showed rates of primary infertility in high and ordinary natural background radiation areas were 11 and 3%, respectively. There was significant difference in the rates of infertility in two groups. Results also showed statistically significant difference between level of education and employment status with primary infertility rate in two groups.
  S. Mesbahi , M. Poorissa , S. Refahi , S. Purisa and M.H. Dehghan
  Contrast barium studies have been accepted as the most radiological technique for diagnosing esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer is one of the most lethal of all neoplasms. We aimed to evaluate the radiological aspects of patients with esophageal cancers seen at our center. We evaluated 80 patients with cancer of esophagus presenting at radiotherapy department of Imam Khomeini hospital, Tabriz, Iran, between January 2005 and September 2007. The evaluation included radiological aspects, pathological and demographic characteristics patients with esophagus cancer. Location, size, histologic type and cardia involvement of tumors were assessed. Data were analyzed by SPSS software. There were 50 males and 30 females, with a median age of 58.4 years (range 30-90). Among 80 patients diagnosed with esophagal cancer, 72/80 (90%) were included SCC and 8/80 (10%) as adenocarcinoma. 41/80 (51.3%) were located in the lower third esophagus. The most location of tumors was middle third esophagus in females and lower third esophagus in males. Involving cardia observed in 8/8 (100%) of adenocarcinoma. 36.1% of lesions were infiltrative in SCC vs 12.5% in adenocarcinoma. Cardia Vegetation and stagnation were most frequent in adenocarcinoma. This approach suggests that cardia involvment combine with vegetation and stagnation can be useful tool in evaluating esophageal cancers in the lower third esophagus.
  Z. Khalajinia , S. Refahi and M.H. Dehghan
  The recently developed Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire (TPQ) was used to examine personality traits correlates in dysmenorrheic women. In the present study our aim was to investigate the frequency of personality traits and its relationship with dysmenorrhea. A total of 200 nonmarried students, in age range, 21-23 years (from Mashad University of Medical Sciences) were included. Subjects divided into dysmenorrheic/non-dysmenorrheic as study group (n = 100) and control group (n = 100), respectively. Personality scores derived from Tridimensional personality Questionnaire (TPQ) and analyzed by SPSS soft ware version 9.0. The frequency of personality traits and its relationship with dysmenorrhea compared in both groups. Results illustrated that frequency of introversion, neuroticism and psychasthenia were (67 vs 32%), (52 vs 10%) and (72vs 32%) in the dysmenorrheic/non-dysmenorrheic subjects, respectively. Current evidence strongly suggests that personality traits were found to be significantly related to the presence of dysmenorrhea in this age of girls.
  S. Darabi , M.H. Dehghan , S. Refahi , E. Kiani and S. Darabi
  The present investigation was undertaken to examine the changes in Ventilation (VE), plasma Potassium (k+) and Lactate (La) concentration during incremental exercise. Fifteen normal athletes men performed an incremental cycle ergometer exercise to extreme fatigue. Antecubital venous blood samples were taken at the end of each step and exercise onset. The VE and plasma k+ and La concentration were measured from blood samples in every step. We investigated linear regression analysis of the slopes of the ventilation, plasma k+ and La levels vs workload during incremental exercise. Our findings showed that VE and plasma k+ and La concentration proportionally increase during incremental exercise, but an inflection see in the curves. This study demonstrated that inflection on the plasma La plot occurs earlier than break points on VE and plasma potassium plots during incremental exercise.
  S. Mesbahi , M. Pourissa , S. Refahi , Y. Tabarraei and M.H. Dehghan
  Hysterosalpingography is a radiographic examination of endocervical canals, uterine cavity and fallopian tube with the use of a radiographic contrast medium. The goal of this study was to evaluate the hysterosalpingographic features of women with infertility. The study included hystosalpingograms of 100 infertile women who were referred between January 2007 to Juan 2008 at the hospitals affiliated to Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran. The obtained findings were abnormal in 42% of cases. 79% had primary infertility. Abnormal uterine was seen in 25% and abnormal fallopian tubes in 21%. Abnormal uterine shape and tubal blockage were the commonest abnormal finding regarding uterine and fallopian tubes. In sum, abnormalities of uterine were more than tubal abnormalities and pelvic inflammation disease was the most common cause of abnormally.
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