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Articles by M. Ebrahimi
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  A.L. Tan , M. Ebrahimi , T. Hajjar , S. Vidyadaran , A.Q. Sazili , M.A. Rajion and Y.M. Goh
  This study was conducted to investigate the effects of modifying the n-6:n-3 Fatty Acid Ratio (FAR) of diets using fish oil, soybean oil and butter on growth performance and the fatty acid profile of rat fed with commercial concentrate diet. Fifty individually housed Sprague-Dawley rats (average of 130±2 g of body weight) were fed concentrates at 5% of body weight daily. The treatments consisted of dietary n-6:n-3 FAR of 1.94:1, 5.67:1, 51.82:1 and 61.69:1. After feeding for 20 weeks in individual cages, rats were sacrificed 15 h after feeding and samples of blood were collected. Increasing dietary saturated fatty acid increased the body weight significantly in compared to other treatment groups. Concentrations of n-6:n-3 FAR in plasma increased linearly (p<0.05) with increasing dietary n-6:n-3 FAR. Concentrations of C18:3 n-3 decreased (p<0.001) in the diet with high level of soybean oil whereas that of C18:2n-6 did not change in all treatment groups (p>0.05) in rat plasma with different n-6:n-3 FAR. Proportions of oleic acid in plasma were unchanged by diet. The proportion of Arachidonic Acid (AA) decreased (p<0.05) in plasma of rat that fed with low level of n-6:n-3 FAR in compare to the diet with higher level. Proportions of all measured long chain n-3 fatty acids were greater in plasma when diets contained more C22:5 n-3 and 22:6 n-3 from fish oil. By decreasing the dietary n-6:n-3 FAR, the proportions of long chain n-3 fatty acids in plasma increased dramatically; specifically, 22:6 n-3 and 22:5 n-3.
  T.K. Leo , D.E. Leslie , S.S. Loo , M. Ebrahimi , Z.A. Aghwan , J.M. Panandam , A.R. Alimon , S.A. Karsani and A.Q. Sazili
  The objective of this study was to evaluate the differences in growth performance and carcass characteristics of Bali cattle subjected to oil palm integration and two different feedlot finishing systems (basal vs. high energy). Eighteen, 24-30 months old male Bali cattle were involved in this study. The animals were randomly allotted into 3 feeding groups: Integration (INT), (n = 6 animals), Feedlot A (FA) with basal energy (n = 6 animals) and Feedlot B (FB) with high energy (n = 6 animals). The animals assigned to the integration system were allowed to graze on the native forages and legumes available under the oil palm plantation. The basal energy diet consisted of 5 kg Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) pellets + ad libitum corn stover and the high energy diet which consisted of 5 kg Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) pellets + ad libitum corn stover + 400 g calcium soap of palm oil fatty acids (Megalac®, Volac International Limited, UK) were fed to the animals in FA and FB, respectively. The feeding trial was conducted for 120 consecutive days excluding 3 weeks of adaptation period. The present data suggest that some of the growth parameters and carcass traits in Bali cattle can be enhanced through the feedlot finishing system.
  A.L. Yusuf , M. Ebrahimi , Y.M. Goh , A.A. Samsudin , A.B. Idris , A.R. Alimon and A.Q. Sazili
  The study was carried out to determine the effect of diets containing different parts of Andrographis paniculata on cumulative gas production, dry matter digestibility, methane and volatile fatty acids production in goats using in vitro gas production technique. The leaves, stems and roots of Andrographis paniculata (AP) were analysed for total polyphenols. Leaves of AP were found to contain the highest concentration of polyphenols; 3.08% Tannic Polyphenol (TP), 0.46% Hydrolysable Tannin (HT) and 0.19% Condensed Tannin (CT). The Non-Tannic Polyphenols (NTP) were estimated as 2.43% of the total polyphenols in the herb. Four diets were formulated three of which contained 1% each of the parts analysed (APL = leaves, APS = stems and APR = roots) and not containing Andrographis paniculata (APO) which was used as the control and tested for digestibility via in vitro gas production technique. The results indicated that VFAs, IVDMD, gas production and pH of the rumen fluid were not significantly affected (p>0.05) by the experimental diets except for ammonia (p<0.05). The results suggest that goats can utilize nutrients from feeds containing AP without compromising the production of VFA and dry matter digestibility.
  M. Ebrahimi , M.A. Rajion , Y.M. Goh , A.Q. Sazili , A.F. Soleimani and J.T. Schonewille
  Twenty four goats were allocated to three groups (n = 8) and fed either a control diet Without Oil Palm Fronds (CON), a diet incorporated with 25% Oil Palm Fronds (OPFM) or 50% Oil Palm Fronds (OPFH) for 100 days to evaluate their growth rates, carcass characteristics and subcutaneous fatty acid profiles. Animals in all three groups exhibited similar final body weights (p>0.05). The OPFH group showed a significant linear reduction (p<0.05) in dressing percentage, warm carcass weight and back fat thickness and total muscle when compared to the CON group. The total n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (PUFA) concentrations in the subcutaneous fat of the OPFH animals were significantly higher (linear, p<0.05) than the CON group. The diet containing 25% of oil palm fronds did not produce any adverse effects on the growth performance and carcass characteristics. This demonstrates an environmental-friendly way of utilizing agricultural waste by products for the small ruminant industry in tropical countries growing oil palm tree.
  M.H. Ershadi , M. Moallem and M. Ebrahimi
  Direct Torque Control (DTC) is known to produce quick and robust torque response for AC drives. However, during steady state, notable torque, flux and current pulsations occur which will be reflected in speed response, speed estimation error and also in increased acoustic noise. This study presented a modified direct torque and flux control based on Space Vector Modulation (SVM) for induction motor drives. This method based on control of stator flux components. A new strategy is proposed to minimize the torque ripple of induction motor in which, the stator flux level is selected in accordance with the efficiency optimized motor performance. Simulation results show consistency and the good performance of the proposed control strategy.
  M. Ebrahimi and N. Shamabadi
  Environmental hormone pollutants are synthetic chemicals which can disturb endocrine systems in human and wildlife if they enter body. Many diseases have been related to environmental hormones ranging from hormone dependent cancers to low sperm quality and quantity, infertility, wildlife population decline, developmental abnormalities and many more disruptions. Many of these pollutants are generally originated from oil and petroleum products. Therefore, estimating the amount of environmental hormone contaminations in raw materials and products of petrochemical complexes can illustrate the amount of society exposure to those dangerous pollutants. This study has looked at one of the biggest petrochemical complex, Bandar-e-Imam petrochemical complex, in Iran in order to determination of the extent of environmental hormones` contamination in material used and produced there. Bandar-e-Imam petrochemical complex produces 6.1 million tons of different products (3.5 million tons such as light and heavy chains polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, artificial plastic, aromatic compounds (benzene, xylene) etc) every year. From 158 ingredients or products (7546928.47 tons) studied in this paper, 30 of them (3871447.8 tons) possess at least one environmental hormone pollutant. The most and the least percentage of the number of environmental hormones belong respectively to used and produced materials in CA unit (50%) and EDU unit (8%). No significant difference (p>0.05) were observed between raw materials used and final products made in petrochemical complex regarding to environmental hormone pollution.
  M. Ebrahimi
  The aim of present research to study the effects of in vitro and in vivo exposure of catfish to heavy metals to determine whether the steroidogenic activity in sperm would be affected by two heavy metals contaminants, zinc and cadmium. Three groups of six male African catfish were fed from the sexually immature juvenile stage, with diet containing 1000 ppm zinc, cadmium or zinc + cadmium for 110 days and 20αHSD activity in milt of these fish were compared with six other control fish fed with normal diet. The 20αHSD enzyme activity was also measured in in vitro incubation of milt from six control fish with different concentrations (0, 0.1, 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 1000 and 3000 ppm) of zinc, cadmium or zinc + cadmium. A very high 20α hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase enzyme activity was found in all sperm incubations of African catfish. This enzyme converts 17-hydroxy progesterone (17P) substrate to 17,20α-dihydroxy progesterone (17, 20αP) product and the rate of enzyme activity is related to substrate (17P) concentrations. Significant differences (p<0.05) in enzyme activity in converting 17P to 17,20αP were found between in vitro incubations of sperm with different concentrations of zinc, cadmium or zinc + cadmium and control group (0 ppm). Significant differences (p<0.05) in enzyme activity and 17,20αP production were found between fish fed with diet containing 1000 ppm zinc or cadmium and the group fed with diet containing 1000 ppm zinc + cadmium and control groups. The results showed that 20αHSD enzyme activities in fish sperm may be used as indicator of water contamination with heavy metals and their bioaccumulations in testis of aquatic animals.
  Z. Paknahad , S. Mahboob , N. Omidvar , M. Ebrahimi , A. Ostadrahimi and Sh. Afiatmilani
  Obesity is an important risk factor for many chronic diseases, BMI is an indicator for total body fat determination. Reports in Iran indicate that nearly 20% of middle age persons are obese and 40% are overweight. Other studies also reported iron deficiency anemia in women Obese women appear to have greater iron stores than do nonobese women. This cross-sectional survey consisted 1049 non pregnant-non lactating 15-49 years old women living in East Azarbaijan (Iran) which selected as random clustering suggested. Demographic Data was collected by questionnaire. Body weight and height was measured. Hb, Hct and MCV were measured in the fasting state. Means of age, parity was 28.8 and 3.94 respectively. The subjects were divided into quartiles of age, weight, BMI and childbearing number. Analysis of these classifications showed that means of Hb and Hct were significantly different between BMI quartiles and only Hct was significantly different between weight quartiles (p < 0.05). Discussion: Policy implications might include the development and implementation of programs to prevent excessive gestational weight gain and promote postpartum weight loss via dietary change and physical activity, concomitant with exclusive breast feeding. Because iron deficiency and excess are both probably undesirable, it would be of great help to identify more precisely populations at risk of iron deficiency; iron supplementation could then be more personalized.
  A.W. Tekeleselassie , M.A. Rajion , Y.M. Goh , M. Moteshakeri , A.F Soleimani and M. Ebrahimi
  Insulin resistance is a growing worldwide syndrome that predispose human to a number of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Various studies have indicated that insulin action is highly influenced by diet compositions particularly dietary fat intake and proportion of n-3 and n-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA). The current study was designed to assess the influence of High Fat Diet (HFD) with different n-6: n-3 Fatty Acid Ratios (FAR) on insulin sensitivity, plasma triacylglycerol (TAG) and lipoprotein profile. Forty male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly allocated into four groups and received the isocaloric high fat diets enriched with either high n-6: n-3 fatty acid ratio (HFAR), medium n-6: n-3 fatty acid ratio (MFAR), low n-6: n-3 fatty acid ratio (LFAR) and compared with control rats fed standard chow (CTRL). The plasma insulin level of HFAR fed rats manifested significantly (P<0.05) higher concentration in most of the time points compared to the other groups. The corresponding insulin AUC (ng/L/120min) and insulin sensitivity index of HFAR fed rats appeared to be significantly higher (P<0.05) than CTRL (335.5±38.5), LFAR (273.7±37.6) and MFAR (265.9±21.7) groups. Blood lipid profile were found to be healthier in the LFAR and MFAR supplemented groups with significantly (P<0.05) lower total cholesterol and TAG levels. This study showed the possible protective effect against insulin resistance when low n-6: n-3 fatty acid ratio in high fat diets are applied in a rat model.
  M. Ebrahimi and M. Noonejad
  We investigated the factors affecting the whole of value added of Iranian economy as well as agricultural and industrial sectors. As, educated labor can affect value added more than uneducated labor, labor was divided to two groups and their effects on value added were investigated separately. Also, selected economical indices were compared pre and post Islamic revolution by using time series data from 1962-2002. Ordinary Least Squares, autoregressive distributed lag model, Johanson cointegrated vectors and vector error correction model were used to investigate the long and short run effects of variables on value added. Student Test (t) was used to compare selected indices pre and post the revolution. The results showed elasticities of economy value added with respect to investment, educated and uneducated labor force are 1.46, 0.059 and -2.32%, respectively. Elasticities of industrial value added with respect to the above-mentioned variables are 0.268, 0.895 and -1.3, respectively, while elasticities of agricultural value added with respect to investment, educated and uneducated labor force are 0.321, 0.369 and 6.94, respectively shows the most important factor in this sector of economy is uneducated labor force. Comparing the average growth rate of variables pre- and post-revolution indicated growth rates of economy value added, the economy investment, industrial and agricultural educated labor force and the economy uneducated labor force are different significantly. Other variables such as growth rate of value added of agricultural and industrial sectors and investment in these two sectors did not have significant differences.
  M. Fooladi and M. Ebrahimi
  This study takes a step in this direction through the analysis of the poetic works of Manuchihri Damghani, one of the great naturalist poets of the Khorasani style; behaviors that protect the environment and ensure natural sustainability. Ten main categories and their subsets characterized according to their environmental importance. All poems from Manuchihris collection that had at least one of these environmental elements were statistically analyzed. In nearly all of Manuchihris verses there was at least one of the environmental elements, showing his particular attention towards nature and the environment. The most significant environmental elements found were minerals, which shows his familiarity with flowers and trees. The importance of rain and water as the main elements of growth and freshness in nature were clearly presented, showing the role of these environmentally vital elements in the formation of this poets thoughts. Manuchihris particular focus on flowers and their parts and his knowledge about various types of flowers have created a wonderful picture of nature in his collection. Significant differences (p<0.05) between the ten main natural categories and between the subsets of any given category were found.
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