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Articles by M. R Jarvelin (4)

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Alleles Are Associated With Reduced Size at Birth

R. M Freathy, A. J Bennett, S. M Ring, B Shields, C. J Groves, N. J Timpson, M. N Weedon, E Zeggini, C. M Lindgren, H Lango, J. R.B Perry, A Pouta, A Ruokonen, E Hypponen, C Power, P Elliott, D. P Strachan, M. R Jarvelin, G. D Smith, M. I McCarthy, T. M Frayling and A. T. Hattersley

Diabetes 58 ( 6 ): 1428 - 1433 , 2009

G-allele of Intronic rs10830963 in MTNR1B Confers Increased Risk of Impaired Fasting Glycemia and Type 2 Diabetes Through an Impaired Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Release: Studies Involving 19,605 Europeans

T Sparso, A Bonnefond, E Andersson, N Bouatia Naji, J Holmkvist, L Wegner, N Grarup, A. P Gjesing, K Banasik, C Cavalcanti Proenca, M Marchand, M Vaxillaire, G Charpentier, M. R Jarvelin, J Tichet, B Balkau, M Marre, C Levy Marchal, K Faerch, K Borch Johnsen, T Jorgensen, S Madsbad, P Poulsen, A Vaag, C Dina, T Hansen, O Pedersen and P. Froguel

Diabetes 58 ( 6 ): 1450 - 1456 , 2009

Smoking during pregnancy and hyperactivity-inattention in the offspring--comparing results from three Nordic cohorts

C Obel, K. M Linnet, T. B Henriksen, A Rodriguez, M. R Jarvelin, A Kotimaa, I Moilanen, H Ebeling, N Bilenberg, A Taanila, G Ye and J. Olsen

International Journal of Epidemiology 38 ( 3 ): 698 - 705 , 2009

Early-life origins of schizotypal traits in adulthood

J Lahti, K Raikkonen, U Sovio, J Miettunen, A. L Hartikainen, A Pouta, A Taanila, M Joukamaa, M. R Jarvelin and J. Veijola

The British Journal of Psychiatry 195 ( 2 ): 132 - 137 , 2009