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Articles by M Janik (6)

Quality assurance and quality control for thoron measurement at NIRS

A Sorimachi, T Ishikawa, M Janik and S. Tokonami

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 141 ( 4 ): 367 - 370 , 2010

Preliminary indoor thoron measurements in high radiation background area of southeastern coastal Orissa, India

R. C Ramola, G Prasad, G. S Gusain, B. S Rautela, V. M Choubey, D. V Sagar, S Tokonami, A Sorimachi, S. K Sahoo, M Janik and T. Ishikawa

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 141 ( 4 ): 379 - 382 , 2010

Long-term determination of airborne radon progeny concentrations using LR 115 detectors and the effects of thoron

V. W. Y Choi, C. K. M Ng, R. K. K Lam, M Janik, A Sorimachi, C Kranrod, D Nikezic, S Tokonami and K. N. Yu

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 141 ( 4 ): 404 - 407 , 2010

A comparative study of thorium activity in NORM and high background radiation area

S. K Sahoo, T Ishikawa, S Tokonami, A Sorimachi, C Kranrod, M Janik, M Hosoda, N. M Hassan, S Chanyotha, V. K Parami, H Yonehara and R. C. Ramola

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 141 ( 4 ): 416 - 419 , 2010

Influence of soil environmental parameters on thoron exhalation rate

M Hosoda, S Tokonami, A Sorimachi, T Ishikawa, S. K Sahoo, M Furukawa, Y Shiroma, Y Yasuoka, M Janik, N Kavasi, S Uchida and M. Shimo

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 141 ( 4 ): 420 - 423 , 2010

International intercomparisons of integrating radon/thoron detectors with the NIRS radon/thoron chambers

M Janik, S Tokonami, C Kranrod, A Sorimachi, T Ishikawa and N. M. Hassan

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 141 ( 4 ): 436 - 439 , 2010