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Articles by M Gao (4)

Apoptotic mechanism of MCF-7 breast cells in vivo and in vitro induced by photodynamic therapy with C-phycocyanin

B Li, X Chu, M Gao and W. Li

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 42 ( 1 ): 80 - 89 , 2010

Human RIF1 encodes an anti-apoptotic factor required for DNA repair

H Wang, A Zhao, L Chen, X Zhong, J Liao, M Gao, M Cai, D. H Lee, J Li, D Chowdhury, Y. g Yang, G. P Pfeifer, Y Yen and X. Xu

Carcinogenesis 30 ( 8 ): 1314 - 1319 , 2009

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