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Articles by K. Borch-Johnsen (10)

A–243A→G polymorphism upstream of the gene encoding GAD65 associates with lower levels of body mass index and glycaemia in a population-based sample of 5857 middle-aged White subjects

T. W. Boesgaard, S. I. Castella, G. Andersen, A. Albrechtsen, T. Sparso, K. Borch-Johnsen, T. Jorgensen, T. Hansen and O. Pedersen

Diabetic Medicine 24 ( 7 ): 702 - 706 , 2007

Socioeconomic factors related to attendance at a Type 2 diabetes screening programme

E-M. Dalsgaard, T. Lauritzen, T. Christiansen, K. S. Mai, K. Borch-Johnsen and A. Sandbaek

Diabetic Medicine 26 ( 5 ): 518 - 525 , 2009

Predictors of future fasting and 2-h post-OGTT plasma glucose levels in middle-aged men and women-the Inter99 study

K. Faerch, A. Vaag, D. R. Witte, T. Jorgensen, O. Pedersen and K. Borch-Johnsen

Diabetic Medicine 26 ( 4 ): 377 - 383 , 2009

Prospective and retrospective recording of severe hypoglycaemia, and assessment of hypoglycaemia awareness in insulin-treated Type 2 diabetes

K. Akram, U. Pedersen-Bjergaard, B. Carstensen, K. Borch-Johnsen and B. Thorsteinsson

Diabetic Medicine 26 ( 12 ): 1306 - 1308 , 2009

Comparing risk profiles of individuals diagnosed with diabetes by OGTT and HbA1cThe Danish Inter99 study

R. Borg, D. Vistisen, D. R. Witte and K. Borch-Johnsen

Diabetic Medicine 27 ( 8 ): 906 - 910 , 2010

Screening for Type 2 diabetes. Lessons from the ADDITION-Europe study

M. van den Donk, A. Sandbaek, K. Borch-Johnsen, T. Lauritzen, R. K. Simmons, N. J. Wareham, S. J. Griffin, M. J. Davies, K. Khunti and G. E. H. M. Rutten

Diabetic Medicine 28 ( 11 ): 1416 - 1424 , 2011

Comparing incident diabetes as defined by fasting plasma glucose or by HbA1c. The AusDiab, Inter99 and DESIR studies

S. Soulimane, D. Simon, J. E. Shaw, P. Z. Zimmet, S. Vol, D. Vistisen, D. J. Magliano, K. Borch-Johnsen and B. Balkau

Diabetic Medicine 28 ( 11 ): 1311 - 1318 , 2011

The immune marker soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor is associated with new-onset diabetes in non-smoking women and men

S. B. Haugaard, O. Andersen, T. W. Hansen, J. Eugen-Olsen, A. Linneberg, S. Madsbad, M. H. Olsen, T. Jorgensen, K. Borch-Johnsen and J. Jeppesen

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 4 ): 479 - 487 , 2012

Diabetes in Greenland and its relationship with urbanization

M. E. Jorgensen, K. Borch-Johnsen, D. R. Witte and P. Bjerregaard

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 6 ): 755 - 760 , 2012

Does early intensive multifactorial therapy reduce modelled cardiovascular risk in individuals with screen-detected diabetes? Results from the ADDITION-Europe cluster randomized trial

J. A. Black, S. J. Sharp, N. J. Wareham, A. Sandbaek, G. E. H. M. Rutten, T. Lauritzen, K. Khunti, M. J. Davies, K. Borch-Johnsen, S. J. Griffin and R. K. Simmons

Diabetic Medicine 31 ( 6 ): 647 - 656 , 2014