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Articles by K Takahashi (7)

Induction and Isolation of Vascular Cells From Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells--Brief Report

D Taura, M Sone, K Homma, N Oyamada, K Takahashi, N Tamura, S Yamanaka and K. Nakao

Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 29 ( 7 ): 1100 - 1103 , 2009

Recovery of upper-limb function due to enhanced use-dependent plasticity in chronic stroke patients

S Koganemaru, T Mima, M. N Thabit, T Ikkaku, K Shimada, M Kanematsu, K Takahashi, G Fawi, R Takahashi, H Fukuyama and K. Domen

Brain 133 ( 11 ): 3373 - 3384 , 2010

Real-Time 3-Dimensional Echocardiography Provides New Insight Into Mechanisms of Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation in Patients With Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

K Takahashi, A Inage, I.M Rebeyka, D.B Ross, R.B Thompson, A.S Mackie and J.F. Smallhorn

Circulation 120 ( 12 ): 1091 - 1098 , 2009

Satb1 and Satb2 regulate embryonic stem cell differentiation and Nanog expression

F Savarese, A Davila, R Nechanitzky, I De La Rosa Velazquez, C. F Pereira, R Engelke, K Takahashi, T Jenuwein, T Kohwi Shigematsu, A. G Fisher and R. Grosschedl

Genes & Development 23 ( 22 ): 2625 - 2638 , 2009

Development of a multifunctional TEM specimen holder equipped with a piezodriving probe and a laser irradiation port

D Shindo, K Takahashi, Y Murakami, K Yamazaki, S Deguchi, H Suga and Y. Kondo

Journal of Electron Microscopy 58 ( 4 ): 245 - 249 , 2009

Sodium taurocholate-dependent lipid efflux by ABCA1: effects of W590S mutation on lipid translocation and apolipoprotein A-I dissociation

K Nagao, Y Zhao, K Takahashi, Y Kimura and K. Ueda

Journal of Lipid Research 50 ( 6 ): 1165 - 1172 , 2009

Adaptation of a hyperthermophilic group II chaperonin to relatively moderate temperatures

T Kanzaki, S Ushioku, A Nakagawa, T Oka, K Takahashi, T Nakamura, K Kuwajima, A Yamagishi and M. Yohda

Protein Engineering, Design and Selection 23 ( 5 ): 393 - 402 , 2010