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Articles by K Nguyen (5)

Exhaustive analysis of BH4 and dopamine biosynthesis genes in patients with Dopa-responsive dystonia

F Clot, D Grabli, C Cazeneuve, E Roze, P Castelnau, B Chabrol, P Landrieu, K Nguyen, G Ponsot, M Abada, D Doummar, P Damier, R Gil, S Thobois, A. J Ward, M Hutchinson, A Toutain, F Picard, A Camuzat, E Fedirko, C San, D Bouteiller, E LeGuern, A Durr, M Vidailhet, A Brice and the French Dystonia Network

Brain 132 ( 7 ): 1753 - 1763 , 2009

Pleiotropic role for MYCN in medulloblastoma

F. J Swartling, M. R Grimmer, C. S Hackett, P. A Northcott, Q. W Fan, D. D Goldenberg, J Lau, S Masic, K Nguyen, S Yakovenko, X. N Zhe, H. C Flynn Gilmer, R Collins, M Nagaoka, J. J Phillips, R. B Jenkins, T Tihan, S. R Vandenberg, C. D James, K Tanaka, M. D Taylor, W. A Weiss and L. Chesler

Genes & Development 24 ( 10 ): 1059 - 1072 , 2010

Neural-specific {alpha}3-fucosylation of N-linked glycans in the Drosophila embryo requires Fucosyltransferase A and influences developmental signaling associated with O-glycosylation

D Rendic, M Sharrow, T Katoh, B Overcarsh, K Nguyen, J Kapurch, K Aoki, I. B. H Wilson and M. Tiemeyer

Glycobiology 20 ( 11 ): 1353 - 1365 , 2010

Hypokalaemia and dysmorphia, is there a link?

S Burtey, D Sternberg, K Nguyen, N Philip, Y Berland and B. Dussol

NDT Plus 2 ( 3 ): 222 - 224 , 2009

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor {delta} limits the expansion of pathogenic Th cells during central nervous system autoimmunity

S. E Dunn, R Bhat, D. S Straus, R. A Sobel, R Axtell, A Johnson, K Nguyen, L Mukundan, M Moshkova, J. C Dugas, A Chawla and L. Steinman

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 207 ( 8 ): 1599 - 1608 , 2010