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  Ruijie Zhang , Gan Zhang , Jianhui Tang , Weihai Xu , Jun Li , Xiang Liu , Yongde Zou , Xiaoxiang Chen and Xiangdong Li
  Eleven selected antibiotics in the East River, South China, were measured using high performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-EI-MS-MS). Erythromycin, roxitromycin, azithromycin, clarithromycin, sulfadimidine, sulfamethoxazole, sulfadiazine and trimethoprim were detected with frequencies of more than 75%, and average concentrations ranging from 0.9 to 67.4 ng l−1. The other three compoundsí (sulfathiazole, sulfacetamide and spiramycin) concentrations were below detection limits. In general, the concentrations of sulfonamides and trimethoprim were higher than those of macrolides. The concentrations of macrolides showed a spatial distribution pattern of delta > lower reach > middle reach (or urban area > agriculture area), while sulfonamides and trimethoprim did not have a significant spatial pattern. Principal component analysis and comparison with wastewater were further used to explore source information of the antibiotics. The results suggested that macrolides in the East River were mainly associated with domestic sewage, while sulfonamides and trimethoprim may be more related to agriculture wastewater, especially livestock industrial wastewater. It is suggested that to ensure/improve the drinking water quality in the region, a better pollution control of livestock industry in the lower and middle reaches is of critical importance.
  Ying-Jie Wei , Yin-Xia Huang , Xiao-Ling Zhang , Jun Li , Jie Huang , Hao Zhang and Sheng-Shou Hu
  Apolipoprotein D (Apo D) is reported to be in close association with developing and mature blood vessels, and involved in enhanced smooth muscle cell migration after injury. This study was designed to clarify the expression pattern of Apo D and the possibility of Apo D as a new marker in human end-stage heart failure. Individual RNA samples obtained from independent left ventricular tissue of six heart failure patients derived from cardiomyopathies of different aetiologies during cardiac transplantation and six non-failing control subjects were hybridized to the gene microarray containing, in total, 35 000 well-characterized Homo sapiens genes. Apo D was one of the highly expressed genes (3.3-fold upregulated) detected by microarray, which was further confirmed by quantitative real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) (5.88-fold upregulated) in failing hearts compared with non-failing hearts. Both Western blotting and immunohistochemistry analyses also demonstrated the higher levels of Apo D protein in failing hearts. Importantly, we observed elevated levels of plasma Apo D in heart failure patients compared with non-failing control subjects. We demonstrated, for the first time to our knowledge, that Apo D was highly expressed in the mRNA and protein levels in human failing hearts compared with non-failing hearts. Furthermore, our finding of elevated plasma Apo D levels in patients with heart failure provides clues that Apo D may act not only as a cardiac molecular marker but also as a circulating biomarker in patients with heart failure.
  Yongmao Ren , Haina Tang , Jun Li and Hualin Qian
  As massive data generated in large scale e-Science projects such as High Energy Physics (HEP) and astronomical observation (e-VLBI) needs to be transported internationally over fast long distance network, high performance transport protocol is needed. Based on UDP, some reliable transfer protocols are designed. This research mainly studies the principles of these protocols and compares their performance by experiments. It is found that they far outperform TCP, but still have some limitations and can’t satisfy the requirement of bulk data transfer perfectly.
  Weihang Wang , Mingjie Tang , Yongmao Ren and Jun Li
  Fast long-distance optical networks are emerging for the purpose of transmitting large amounts of scientific data among research institutions quickly and reliably, standard TCP (Reno TCP) does not perform well because it fails to saturate link throughput in such high-bandwidth environment. Moreover, some novel study indicated that the network speed had outstripped the processing capacity of end nodes, thus several new protocols which are based on end-system performance monitoring has been proposed to take advantage of such networks. It is critical to provide a just and complete evaluation of these protocols. In this study, we compare two promising end-system performance aware rate adjustment schemes. First, a modified rate-based version of RBUDP which adjusts rate based on end-node packet loss ratio (Tsunami). Second, an end-system based scheme which takes buffer and CPU management into consideration (PA-UDP). Our experiments use a range of performance metrics, including throughput, intra-protocol fairness, TCP friendliness and rate adaptation speed to flow dynamics. The results provide insights into the effectiveness of these schemes and also for improvements in design and implementation of end-system performance aware protocols.
  Hong Zhang , Xueliang Huang and Jun Li
  In the distribution network with wind power, due to the different costs of different power tariff from different power source, the minimum power loss of the distribution networks does not always correspond to the largest economic efficiency. In the most cases, to ensure the distribution network power quality at the same time get the most economic efficiency is an important goal of the enterprise. The new improved distribution network optimization model is an economic optimization model that has important theoretical and economic value. This new model can solve some problems of economic optimization of Chinese current distribution network with distributed power.
  Jin Xing , Jun Li and Zeping Gong
  Voltage stability margin is an important index to evaluate the security and stability of power system. In view of voltage stability margin’s solution using normal nonlinear programming method did not consider the growth mode of generators’ active power outputs, the results of load margin are too ideal. A dynamic nonlinear programming method model which considered the growth mode of generators’ active power outputs was proposed in this study based on dynamic power flow. In the model, the unbalanced active power was distributed by the growth mode of generators’ active power outputs which is based on the actual situation. So, the results of load margin calculated by dynamic nonlinear programming method are more practical and not affected by the selection of slack node. Tests on IEEE-30 system and Liaoning power system show that results of voltage stability margin calculated by dynamic nonlinear programming method are more reasonable and practical than normal nonlinear programming method.
  Huanzhong Liu , Zhenhua Ren , Jian Zhong , Han Cai , Xuequan Chen and Jun Li
  Blockade of the NMDA receptor by the use of MK-801 during the early postnatal period has been proposed to be an experimental model which induces behavioural changes that mimic positive, negative and cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia. We provide an overview of the effects of early life MK-801 administration on body weight, locomotor activity and spatial memory and assessed the long term behavioural profile arising from this early life manipulation. We found that intraperitoneal administration of MK-801 (0.35 mg kg-1) twice a day for 2 weeks in rat pups on postnatal days 7, showed a significant weight loss, hypoactivity and the damage of spatial memory. The long term behavioural profile showed that hypoactivity continuously reduced until 11 weeks after MK-801 administration in animal model. But for spatial memory, a short term damage was observed in model rats. After the treatment with clozapine or haloperidol, a recovery in locomotor activity was observed in the rats of model group. However, there was no effect on the spatial memory in model rat after drug treatment. The results of the present study demonstrated that clozapine and haloperidol might reverse a long lasting hypoactivity induced by repeated treatment with MK-801 in neonatal rats but no effect on a short term damage of spatial memory.
  Huanzhong Liu , Han Cai , Zhenhua Ren , Jian Zhong and Jun Li
  An association between inflammatory abnormalities and schizophrenia has been found repeatedly. In the current study, schizophrenia was induced by MK-801 (0.35 mg kg-1, i.p.) twice a day for 2 weeks in rat pups. We found serum levels of IL-2, IL-6 and immunoglobulins were significantly higher than the normal level but TNF-α levels were significantly suppressed after the treatment of MK-801 in neonatal rats. Clozapine or haloperidol treatment could reverse immunoglobulins and TNF-α levels. However, clozapine, not haloperidol, did not recover serum levels of IL-2 and IL-6. T-cell subsets in peripheral blood of model rats were significantly increased in adulthood. On the contrary, the rate of CD4 (+)/CD8a (+) T cells was reduced significantly. After the treatment of clozapine or haloperidol, the levels of T-cell subsets were restored. However, clozapine, not haloperidol, has no effect on the rate of CD4 (+)/CD8a (+) T cells. These results suggested that the dysfunction of cytokine system and immune disturbance may be involved in the pathogenesis of MK-801-induced rat model of schizophrenia. The effects of clozapine and haloperidol on cytokines production, T-cell subsets switch and immunoglobulins presented in this study indicated that immunomodulatory therapy may be a potential strategy in the treatment of schizophrenia.
  Yao-Dong Li , Yan-Nan Ma , Peng-Jia He , Michael A. Brown , Zhao-Min Lei , Jing Zhu , Hai-Rong Zhang , Jun Li and Jian-Ping Wu
  The 3 years of data from 464 purebred Holstein and Holstein cross (unimproved Holstein-Chinese Yellow cattle crosses, improved Holstein-Chinese Yellow cattle crosses) cattle were used to evaluate effects of polymorphisms in both GH and GHR on milk yield and quality. Traits evaluated included 305 days milk, milk fat, milk protein and lactose yield and 305 days milk fat, milk protein and milk lactose percentage. Three genotypes and two genotypes were found within the GH and GHR genes, respectively. Based on mixed model least squares analyses (SAS®, Raleigh, NC, USA) there was evidence of genotypic difference for GH in 305 days milk yield for improved Holstein-Chinese Yellow cattle and purebred Holstein (p<0.10) but only a weak trend for genotypic differences across breed groups (p<0.15). Genotypic differences for GH in milk fat, protein and lactose yield were not evident in unimproved Holstein-Chinese Yellow cattle or purebred Holstein cattle (p>0.10) but there were trends for genotypic differences in milk fat, protein and lactose yield in improved Holstein-Chinese Yellow cattle (p<0.10). There was little evidence of genotypic differences for GHR in any trait (p>0.20). Results from this research suggest polymorphisms in GH can affect milk yield and quality but such effects may be dependent on percentage Holstein in the cow.
  Jian-Li Shi , Xiao-Yan Cong , Xiao-Yuan Yuan , Jia-Qiang Wu , Wen-Bo Sun , Yi-Jun Du , Zhe Peng , Jun Li , Jin-Bao Wang , Bao-Hua Huang and Dai-Cheng Liu
  Porcine Circovirus type 2 (PCV2), the essential causative agent of the Post weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome (PMWS) has posed a grave threat to global swine industry in recent decades. Infectious molecular clone is the best way to get the purificated virus for pathogenesis study and inactivated vaccine produce. The purpose of this study was to compare and get the best way for PCV2 infectious molecular clone to rescue viruses. In this study, four PCV2 infectious molecular clone was constructed and transfected into PK-15 cells. IFA and Real-time PCR was used to detect the presence of PCV2. The IFA results revealed the precence of rescued viruses. The real-time PCR results showed that there were the most DNA copies with Ligation DNA transfection, the least DNA copies with pEASY-PCV2 transfection and almost the same with psk-2PCV2 and psk-PCV2 transfection. This assay afford the best way to construct and get PCV2 infectious molecular clone for further research.
  Hui Guo , Xiao-Jun Shao , Jun Li , Chen Wang , Gao-Mai Yang , Min-Yue Duan and Feng-Xing Zhang
  A new bidisplaced acetate functionalized pendant arm derivative, 1,4-diacetate-1,4,7-triazacyclodecane (L) and its corresponding Co(III), Fe(III) complexes [CoLCl] (1) and [FeLCl]2 · 3H2O (2) were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectra,UV-Vis spectra, HNMR, MS, XPRD, TGA and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The crystal structure shows the metal ions in the complexes have similar coordination six-coordinate, by three nitrogens and two oxygens of the chelate ligand, and a chloride. Through calculation of the twist angle, we discover 1 forms a distorted octahedral geometry while 2 forms a distorted-prismatic geometry. In 2, there are abundant hydrogen bonds between the oxygen atoms of water and the nitrogens and oxygens of the ligand, resulting in a two-dimensional supramolecular network with a regular triatomic water cluster. The thermal gravimetric analyses of the two complexes are also given.
  Chen Wang , Jun Li , Yan-Wei Ren , Fei-Gang He , Giuseppe Mele and Feng-Xing Zhang
  A dinuclear diamagnetic copper(II) complex, [Cu2(ophen)2]Cl2 (Hophen = 2-hydroxy-1,10-phenanthroline), has been synthesized and characterized, providing good structural evidence for the long-debated Gillard mechanism.
  Ming-Yue Duan , Jun Li , Yun Xi , Xiang-Fei Lu and Jing-Zhou Liu
  The bidentate benzimidazolic hpbm (1), [2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-1H-benzimidazole], was obtained under mild conditions, and its corresponding metal complexes, di-µ-oxo dimanganese(IV,IV) [Mn2O2(hpbm)4 · 2Py · 5H2O] (2), and mononuclear complex [Co(hpbm)2] (3), were prepared and characterized. The crystal structures of 2 and 3 have been established by X-ray diffraction. Complex 2 consists of two six-coordinate manganese(IV) coordinated to two hpbm ligands and bridged by two O2- with a Mn-Mn distance of 2.777 Å. For 3, a Co(II) is coordinated to two deprotonated hpbm in a nearly tetrahedral environment. Hydrogen bonds play pivotal roles in constructing the dimensional structures of both the compounds.
  Dingding Ye , Xun Zhu , Qiang Liao , Jun Li and Qian Fu

A two-dimensional two-phase mass transport model has been developed to predict methanol and water crossover in a semi-passive direct methanol fuel cell with an air-breathing cathode. The mass transport in the catalyst layer and the discontinuity in liquid saturation at the interface between the diffusion layer and catalyst layer are particularly considered. The modeling results agree well with the experimental data of a home-assembled cell. Further studies on the typical two-phase flow and mass transport distributions including species, pressure and liquid saturation in the membrane electrode assembly are investigated. Finally, the methanol crossover flux, the net water transport coefficient, the water crossover flux, and the total water flux at the cathode as well as their contributors are predicted with the present model. The numerical results indicate that diffusion predominates the methanol crossover at low current densities, while electro-osmosis is the dominator at high current densities. The total water flux at the cathode is originated primarily from the water generated by the oxidation reaction of the permeated methanol at low current densities, while the water crossover flux is the main source of the total water flux at high current densities.

  Meritxell Genesca , Pamela J. Skinner , Jung Joo Hong , Jun Li , Ding Lu , Michael B. McChesney and Christopher J. Miller
  The presence, at the time of challenge, of antiviral effector T cells in the vaginal mucosa of female rhesus macaques immunized with live-attenuated simian-human immunodeficiency virus 89.6 (SHIV89.6) is associated with consistent and reproducible protection from pathogenic simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) vaginal challenge (18). Here, we definitively demonstrate the protective role of the SIV-specific CD8+ T-cell response in SHIV-immunized monkeys by CD8+ lymphocyte depletion, an intervention that abrogated SHIV-mediated control of challenge virus replication and largely eliminated the SIV-specific T-cell responses in blood, lymph nodes, and genital mucosa. While in the T-cell-intact SHIV-immunized animals, polyfunctional and degranulating SIV-specific CD8+ T cells were present in the genital tract and lymphoid tissues from the day of challenge until day 14 postchallenge, strikingly, expansion of SIV-specific CD8+ T cells in the immunized monkeys was minimal and limited to the vagina. Thus, protection from uncontrolled SIV replication in animals immunized with attenuated SHIV89.6 is primarily mediated by CD8+ T cells that do not undergo dramatic systemic expansion after SIV challenge. These findings demonstrate that despite, and perhaps because of, minimal systemic expansion of T cells at the time of challenge, a stable population of effector-cytotoxic CD8+ T cells can provide significant protection from vaginal SIV challenge.
  Jin-Song DENG , Ke WANG , Jun LI and Yan-Hua DENG
  Due to inappropriate planning and management, accelerated urban growth and tremendous loss in land, especially cropland, have become a great challenge for sustainable urban development in China, especially in developed urban area in the coastal regions; therefore, there is an urgent need to effectively detect and monitor the land use changes and provide accurate and timely information for planning and management. In this study a method combining principal component analysis (PCA) of multisensor satellite images from SPOT (systeme pour l`observation de la terre or earth observation satellite)-5 multispectral (XS) and Landsat-7 enhanced thematic mapper (ETM) panchromatic (PAN) data, and supervised classification was used to detect and analyze the dynamics of land use changes in the city proper of Hangzhou. The overall accuracy of the land use change detection was 90.67% and Kappa index was 0.89. The results indicated that there was a considerable land use change (10.03% of the total area) in the study area from 2001 to 2003, with three major types of land use conversions: from cropland into built-up land, construction site, and water area (fish pond). Changes from orchard land into built-up land were also detected. The method described in this study is feasible and useful for detecting rapid land use change in the urban area.
  Yehu Lu , Guowen Song and Jun Li
  Hot liquid hazards existing in work environments present a common risk in workplace safety in numerous industries. In this study, a newly developed instrumented manikin system was used to assess the protective performance provided by protective clothing against hot liquid splash. The skin burn injury and its distribution for the selected clothing system were predicted and the effects of clothing design features (fabric properties and garment size) on protective performance were investigated. The air gap size and distribution existing between protective clothing and human skin were characterized using 3D body scanning, and their relation to skin burn injury was identified. The mechanism associated with heat and mass transfer under exposure to hot liquid splashes was discussed. The findings provided technical bases to improve the performance of protective clothing. For protective clothing design, minimizing mass transfer through clothing system is very important to provide high performance. Keeping the air gap between the garment and the human body is an essential approach to improve thermal performance. This can be achieved by proper design in size and fit, or applying functional textile materials.
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