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Articles by Jie Yang
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  Jianbo Yang , Jia Yao , Kun Yang , Zichun Hua and Jie Yang
  The gene sequence of Decorsin which is extracted from a kind of North American leeches was synthesized. Two recombinant proteins, Annexin V plus Decorsin (AnnV-D39) and Annexin V plus the carboxyl terminal 27 amino acid residues of Decorsin(AnnV-D27), were constructed. And a 10 amino acids linker peptide of GGGGSGGGGS was inserted between Annexin V and Decorsin in AnnV-D39. Using pET-28(a+) as an expressing vector, both two recombinant proteins were expressed in E. Coli BL21(DE3) with high efficiency as inclusion bodies. The expression products were purified by DEAE-Cellulose 52 and Sepharose CL-4B chromatography under denaturing condition. Platelet Aggregation Assay (PAA) shows that AnnV-D39 has good anti-platelet aggregation activity. However, AnnV-D27 shows no such activities in any PAA test. AnnV-D39 shows good anti-platelet aggregation activity as a new antagonist of fibrinogen receptor, while Annv-D27 needs re-modification.
  Jie Yang , Yao Leng and Ju Bao
  Sixty-four sets of three-dimensional models of RNA-DNA duplex base triplets were constructed based on codons by homology modeling method using software InsightII on Indigo workstation, which should be helpful for the study of RNA-DNA annealing, the basis of nucleic acids interactions and some peculiar motifs for design antisense oligonucleotides. Our research result reveal that the energies (such as E, Ec, Eb, Et and Enr) of DNA/asRNA hybrids are lower than those of RNA/asDNA hybrids while the energies (such as En and End) of DNA/asRNA hybrids are higher than those of RNA/asDNA hybrids for most binary complex and ternary complex, especially E, Ec, Eb and En in evidence. And the total energy of GGG/CCC hybrid is the lowest of all the hybrids, the more G/C base pairs, the lower of energy of the triplet hybrid and (G/C)3<U(G/C)2<A(G/C)2 <U2(G/C)<AU(G/C)<A2(G/C) in turn; the U-including hybrid system stability, the more of number of uracil (U), the lower of energy of the triplet hybrid; the energy of GU-including hybrid is lower than that of CU-including hybrid no matter for binary complex or ternary complex. G/A/U bases often deviate from base pair planes, which can form hydrogen bonds with neighboring base pairs and affects the stabilities of triplets. Moreover, some peculiar oligodeoxynucleotide sequence motifs that could be derived from corresponding triplet hybrids are divided into two groups: four-member motif and five - member motif, where the former comprises eight motifs, namely 5’-TCTT-3’,5’-TGCT-3’,5’-CCTT-3’,5’-CCAT-3’, 5’-CATC-3’, 5’-ATCT-3’, 5’-GCTG-3’ and 5’-GTCT-3’; and the later consists of four motifs, viz 5’-TGCTG-3’, 5’-GTCTT-3’, 5’-CCATC-3’ and 5’-CATCT-3’, which are positively correlated with antisense activities and play an important role in designing antisense drugs.
  Dehui Qiu , Qinglin Wang and Jie Yang
  With the Dynamic Equilibrium State (DES) theory, a robust adaptive control method is presented to realize the position tracking and anti-swing for the overhead crane system in presence of parameter variations and external disturbances. First, the basic idea of the DES theory is introduced. Then, the ideal DES reference trajectories are planned for the position of the trolley and the angle of the load. By using the cascade sliding mode and nonlinear-parameterized fuzzy logic systems, a robust adaptive fuzzy controller is designed to track the prescribed trajectories. The simulation results are included to indicate the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed controller.
  Erjing Xu , Zhenhong Jia , Liejun Wang , Yingjie Hu and Jie Yang
  Based on the principles of the Otsu method and K-means Clustering algorithm, a new remote-sensing image segmentation algorithm combining the Otsu method and K-means clustering algorithm is proposed considering their respective characteristics. Firstly, classifying the remote sensing images by the Otsu method quickly. Then, calculating the average of each partition and choosing them as the initial cluster centers for K-means Clustering algorithm. Finally, using the K-means Clustering algorithm to calculate the new centers by successive iterations until it converges to the objective function and obtains the optimum threshold. Several study cases are conducted to show the application of this method to the remote-sensing image segmentation and a large number of experimental results show that the proposed method not only overcomes the incomplete information of the traditional Otsu algorithm, but also obtains an optimization of the K-means clustering algorithm. The proposed algorithm achieves improvements on both of computing speed and segmentation performance which demonstrates that it’s an effective algorithm to the remote sensing image segmentation.
  Wen-Yu Yin , Xiao-Yan Tang , Jie Yang , Yun-Sheng Ma and Rong-Xin Yuan
  The lanthanide complexes [Ln2(INO)2(SO4)2(H2O)4] · H2O 1 · Ln (Ln = Ce, Pr, and Nd; INO = isonicotinate N-oxide) were synthesized under hydrothermal conditions. The compounds are isostructural and crystallized in monoclinic space group C2/c. Ln(III) is nine-coordinate in a mono-capped square antiprism coordination environment. Ln(III) ions are linked by SO 2-4, N-oxide groups and carboxylates from INO to give an inorganic chain. These chains are connected by INO ligands into a 2-D layer. These layers are joined through hydrogen bonding interactions into a 3-D crystal structure.
  Jie Yang , Yun-Sheng Ma , Xiao-Yan Tang , Lei Shen , Rong-Xin Yuan and Dun-Ru Zhu
  Two linear trinuclear clusters, [Co3(L)6(H2O)6](ClO4)6 (1) and [Ni3(L)6(H2O)6](ClO4)6 · 3H2O (2) (L = 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1,2,4-triazole), obtained by the reactions of M(ClO4)2 · 6H2O and 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1,2,4-triazole have been isolated and structurally characterized. The two isostructural clusters, linear hexapositive trimers, are linked by three N1,N2-1,2,4-triazoles to the divalent central and terminal metal ions. The magnetic behaviors of the clusters were investigated from 1.8 to 300 K. Magnetic susceptibility measurements reveal antiferromagnetic exchange interactions between the metal centers in the clusters. The magnetic data were analyzed by using linear trinuclear modes with S = 3/2 and S = 1 for 1 and 2, respectively. Further studies were performed by accounting spin−orbital coupling for 1 and involving zero-field splitting within the ground state for 2.
  Xiang Zhang and Jie Yang
  The color similarity between the background and foreground causes serious misdetections in moving object detection from video sequences. In this paper, we point out that the existence of a confusion point and the model inaccuracy are the reasons for the misdetections due to the color similarity. Accordingly, the solutions of the color similarity are to shift the confusion point and to improve the model accuracy. Based on this conclusion, a simple algorithm by combining a weighting technique and a new foreground model is presented, and improved results are generated. More accurate weighting techniques and foreground models are expected to be developed in the future based on the solutions.
  Qiang Liu , Jing Li , Xiao-Xia Shen , Rui-Guang Xing , Jie Yang , Zhengang Liu and Bo Zhou
  Hantzsch 1,4-dihydropyridine (HEH), a well-known model compound of coenzyme NAD(P)H was found as an efficient reducing agent in hydrogenation of unactivated olefins catalyzed by Pd/C. α,β-Unsaturated ketones also underwent hydrogenation, affording the corresponding saturated ketones selectively.
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