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Articles by J. Wen (8)

Treatment of hepatitis C virus core-positive hepatocytes with the transfer of recombinant caspase-3 using the 2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetase gene promoter

Y Wang, S Mao, B Li, P Tan, D Feng and J. Wen

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica 41 ( 7 ): 554 - 560 , 2009

Gene Expression of Heart- and Adipocyte-Fatty Acid-Binding Protein and Correlation With Intramuscular Fat in Chinese Chicken

W. J. Li, H. B. Li, J. L. Chen, G. P. Zhao, M. Q. Zheng and J. Wen

Animal Biotechnology 19 ( 3 ): 190 - 194 , 2008

Associations of A-FABP and H-FABP Markers with the Content of Intramuscular Fat in Beijing-You Chicken

M. H. Ye, J. L. Chen, G. P. Zhao, M. Q. Zheng and J. Wen

Animal Biotechnology 21 ( 1 ): 14 - 24 , 2010

The Effect of a Mutation in the 3-UTR Region of the HMGCR Gene on Cholesterol in Beijing-You Chickens

H. X. Cui, S. Y. Yang, H. Y. Wang, J. P. Zhao, R. R. Jiang, G. P. Zhao, J. L. Chen, M. Q. Zheng, X. H. Li and J. Wen

Animal Biotechnology 21 ( 4 ): 241 - 251 , 2010

Increasing prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus in Chinese women from 1999 to 2008

F. Zhang, L. Dong, C. P. Zhang, B. Li, J. Wen, W. Gao, S. Sun, F. Lv, H. Tian, J. Tuomilehto, L. Qi, C. L. Zhang, Z. Yu, X. Yang and G. Hu

Diabetic Medicine 28 ( 6 ): 652 - 657 , 2011

Serum γ-glutamyltransferase and associated damage among a She Chinese population

Y. Lin, Y. Xu, G. Chen, B. Huang, J. Yao, Z. Chen, L. Yao, F. Lin, Y. Qiao, Z. Chen, S. Zhu, H. Huang and J. Wen

Diabetic Medicine 28 ( 8 ): 924 - 931 , 2011

Osteocalcin, glucose metabolism, lipid profile and chronic low-grade inflammation in middle-aged and elderly Chinese

L. Chen, Q. Li, Z. Yang, Z. Ye, Y. Huang, M. He, J. Wen, X. Wang, B. Lu, J. Hu, C. Liu, C. Ling, S. Qu and R. Hu

Diabetic Medicine 30 ( 3 ): 309 - 317 , 2013

Tripterygium Wilfordii Hook F Increase the Blood Concentration of Tacrolimus

J. Wen, L. Li, J. Chen, S. Ji, C. Zheng and Z. Liu

Transplantation Proceedings 40 ( 10 ): 3679 - 3682 , 2008