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Articles by J. Ma (8)

A Large Prospective Study of SEP15 Genetic Variation, Interaction with Plasma Selenium Levels, and Prostate Cancer Risk and Survival

K. L Penney, F. R Schumacher, H Li, P Kraft, J. S Morris, T Kurth, L. A Mucci, D. J Hunter, P. W Kantoff, M. J Stampfer and J. Ma

Cancer Prevention Research 3 ( 5 ): 604 - 610 , 2010

A 25-Year Prospective Study of Plasma Adiponectin and Leptin Concentrations and Prostate Cancer Risk and Survival

H Li, M. J Stampfer, L Mucci, N Rifai, W Qiu, T Kurth and J. Ma

Clinical Chemistry 56 ( 1 ): 34 - 43 , 2010

Effects of variations in duodenal glucose load on glycaemic, insulin, and incretin responses in type 2 diabetes

J. Ma, A. N. Pilichiewicz, C. Feinle-Bisset, J. M. Wishart, K. L. Jones, M. Horowitz and C. K. Rayner

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 5 ): 604 - 608 , 2012

Do genetic recombination and gene density shape the pattern of DNA elimination in rice long terminal repeat retrotransposons?

Z Tian, C Rizzon, J Du, L Zhu, J. L Bennetzen, S. A Jackson, B. S Gaut and J. Ma

Genome Research 19 ( 12 ): 2221 - 2230 , 2009

Flavonoids Intake and Risk of Lung Cancer: A Meta-analysis

N. P Tang, B Zhou, B Wang, R. B Yu and J. Ma

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 39 ( 6 ): 352 - 359 , 2009

A new in-situ surface treatment during MBE-grown PbSe on CaF2/Si(1 1 1) heterostructure

D. Li, J. Ma, S. Mukherjee, G. Bi, F. Zhao, S.L. Elizondo and Z. Shi

Journal of Crystal Growth 311 ( 13 ): 3395 - 3398 , 2009

Activation of BKCa channel is associated with increased apoptosis of cerebrovascular smooth muscle cells in simulated microgravity rats

M. J Xie, Y. G Ma, F Gao, Y. G Bai, J. H Cheng, Y. M Chang, Z. B Yu and J. Ma

The American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology 298 ( 6 ): 1489 - 1500 , 2010

Membrane Repair Defects in Muscular Dystrophy Are Linked to Altered Interaction between MG53, Caveolin-3, and Dysferlin

C Cai, N Weisleder, J. K Ko, S Komazaki, Y Sunada, M Nishi, H Takeshima and J. Ma

The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 ( 23 ): 15894 - 15902 , 2009