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Articles by J Xu (18)

Acute glucose-lowering and insulin-sensitizing action of FGF21 in insulin-resistant mouse models--association with liver and adipose tissue effects

J Xu, S Stanislaus, N Chinookoswong, Y. Y Lau, T Hager, J Patel, H Ge, J Weiszmann, S. C Lu, M Graham, J Busby, R Hecht, Y. S Li, Y Li, R Lindberg and M. M. Veniant

AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism 297 ( 5 ): 1105 - 1114 , 2009

Analysis of Globule Types in Malignant Melanoma

J Xu, K Gupta, W. V Stoecker, Y Krishnamurthy, H. S Rabinovitz, A Bangert, D Calcara, M Oliviero, J. M Malters, R Drugge, R. J Stanley, R. H Moss and M. E. Celebi

Archives of Dermatology 145 ( 11 ): 1245 - 1251 , 2009

Blood Biomarker Levels to Aid Discovery of Cancer-Related Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms: Kallikreins and Prostate Cancer

R. J Klein, C Hallden, A. M Cronin, A Ploner, F Wiklund, A. S Bjartell, P Stattin, J Xu, P. T Scardino, K Offit, A. J Vickers, H Gronberg and H. Lilja

Cancer Prevention Research 3 ( 5 ): 611 - 619 , 2010

Involvement of macrophage inflammatory protein 1{alpha} (MIP1{alpha}) in promotion of rat lung and mammary carcinogenic activity of nanoscale titanium dioxide particles administered by intra-pulmonary spraying

J Xu, M Futakuchi, M Iigo, K Fukamachi, D. B Alexander, H Shimizu, Y Sakai, S Tamano, F Furukawa, T Uchino, H Tokunaga, T Nishimura, A Hirose, J Kanno and H. Tsuda

Carcinogenesis 31 ( 5 ): 927 - 935 , 2010

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