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Articles by David Heckerman (4)

Increased Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Epitope Variant Cross-Recognition and Functional Avidity Are Associated with Hepatitis C Virus Clearance

Daniel Yerly, David Heckerman, Todd M. Allen, John V. Chisholm III, Kellie Faircloth, Caitlyn H. Linde, Nicole Frahm, Joerg Timm, Werner J. Pichler, Andreas Cerny and Christian Brander

Journal of Virology 82 ( 6 ): 3147 - 3153 , 2008

Marked Epitope- and Allele-Specific Differences in Rates of Mutation in Human Immunodeficiency Type 1 (HIV-1) Gag, Pol, and Nef Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Epitopes in Acute/Early HIV-1 Infection

Zabrina L. Brumme, Chanson J. Brumme, Jonathan Carlson, Hendrik Streeck, Mina John, Quentin Eichbaum, Brian L. Block, Brett Baker, Carl Kadie, Martin Markowitz, Heiko Jessen, Anthony D. Kelleher, Eric Rosenberg, John Kaldor, Yuko Yuki, Mary Carrington, Todd M. Allen, Simon Mallal, Marcus Altfeld, David Heckerman and Bruce D. Walker

Journal of Virology 82 ( 18 ): 9216 - 9227 , 2008

Genetic Characterization of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 in Elite Controllers: Lack of Gross Genetic Defects or Common Amino Acid Changes

Toshiyuki Miura, Mark A. Brockman, Chanson J. Brumme, Zabrina L. Brumme, Jonathan M. Carlson, Florencia Pereyra, Alicja Trocha, Marylyn M. Addo, Brian L. Block, Alissa C. Rothchild, Brett M. Baker, Theresa Flynn, Arne Schneidewind, Bin Li, Yaoyu E. Wang, David Heckerman, Todd M. Allen and Bruce D. Walker

Journal of Virology 82 ( 17 ): 8422 - 8430 , 2008

Central Role of Reverting Mutations in HLA Associations with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Set Point

Philippa C. Matthews, Andrew Prendergast, Alasdair Leslie, Hayley Crawford, Rebecca Payne, Christine Rousseau, Morgane Rolland, Isobella Honeyborne, Jonathan Carlson, Carl Kadie, Christian Brander, Karen Bishop, Nonkululeko Mlotshwa, James I . Mullins, Hoosen Coovadia, Thumbi Ndung’u, Bruce D. Walker, David Heckerman and Philip J . R. Goulder

Journal of Virology 82 ( 17 ): 8548 - 8559 , 2008