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Articles by D. B Panagiotakos (5)

Responses of Blood Lipids to Aerobic, Resistance, and Combined Aerobic With Resistance Exercise Training: A Systematic Review of Current Evidence

K Tambalis, D. B Panagiotakos, S. A Kavouras and L. S. Sidossis

Angiology 60 ( 5 ): 614 - 632 , 2009

Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Estimated 10-Year Risk of Fatal Cardiovascular Events Using Various Equations in Greeks With Metabolic Syndrome

T Chimonas, V. G Athyros, E Ganotakis, V Nicolaou, D. B Panagiotakos, D. P Mikhailidis, M Elisaf and Assessing the Treatment Effect in Metabolic Syndrome Without Perceptible diabeTes (ATTEMPT) Collabor

Angiology 61 ( 1 ): 49 - 57 , 2010

N-Terminal ProBNP Distribution and Correlations With Biological Characteristics in Apparently Healthy Greek Population: ATTICA Study

E Fragopoulou, D. B Panagiotakos, C Pitsavos, C Chrysohoou, T Nomikos, A Evangelopoulos, C Katsagoni, J Skoumas, S Antonopoulou and C. Stefanadis

Angiology 61 ( 4 ): 397 - 404 , 2010

Exercise Capacity and Mortality in Older Men: A 20-Year Follow-Up Study

P Kokkinos, J Myers, C Faselis, D. B Panagiotakos, M Doumas, A Pittaras, A Manolis, J. P Kokkinos;, P Karasik, M Greenberg, V Papademetriou and R. Fletcher

Circulation 122 ( 8 ): 790 - 797 , 2010

Mediterranean diet and inflammatory response in myocardial infarction survivors

D. B Panagiotakos, K Katsouyanni, T Bellander, M Grau, W Koenig, T Lanki, R Pistelli, A Schneider, A Peters and on behalf of the AIRGENE Study Group

International Journal of Epidemiology 38 ( 3 ): 856 - 866 , 2009