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Articles by Bin Li (7)

Effects of Chemical Inducers and Paenibacillus on Tomato Growth Promotion and Control of Bacterial Wilt

Soad A.E. Algam, Ahmed A. Mahdi, Bin Li and Guan Lin Xie

Asian Journal of Plant Pathology 7 ( 1 ): 15 - 28 , 2013

Structural and Functional Constraints Limit Options for Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Escape in the Immunodominant HLA-B27-Restricted Epitope in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Capsid

Arne Schneidewind, Mark A. Brockman, John Sidney, Yaoyu E. Wang, Huabiao Chen, Todd J. Suscovich, Bin Li, Rahma I. Adam, Rachel L. Allgaier, Bianca R. Mothe, Thomas Kuntzen, Cesar Oniangue-Ndza, Alicja Trocha, Xu G. Yu, Christian Brander, Alessandro Sette, Bruce D. Walker and Todd M. Allen

Journal of Virology 82 ( 11 ): 5594 - 5605 , 2008

Genetic Characterization of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 in Elite Controllers: Lack of Gross Genetic Defects or Common Amino Acid Changes

Toshiyuki Miura, Mark A. Brockman, Chanson J. Brumme, Zabrina L. Brumme, Jonathan M. Carlson, Florencia Pereyra, Alicja Trocha, Marylyn M. Addo, Brian L. Block, Alissa C. Rothchild, Brett M. Baker, Theresa Flynn, Arne Schneidewind, Bin Li, Yaoyu E. Wang, David Heckerman, Todd M. Allen and Bruce D. Walker

Journal of Virology 82 ( 17 ): 8422 - 8430 , 2008

Controllable synthesis of hexagonal pine-like Cd1−xZnxSe nanotrees using the self-prepared precursors

Yuanyuan Yang, Yongxin Chai, Bin Li and Fanglin Du

Materials Chemistry and Physics 116 ( 2-3 ): 335 - 338 , 2009

Reduction of lift-off effect for pulsed eddy current NDT based on sensor design and frequency spectrum analysis

Binfeng Yang, Bin Li and Yunjiang Wang

Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation 25 ( 1 ): 77 - 89 , 2010

I PP2A 1 Affects Tau Phosphorylation via Association with the Catalytic Subunit of Protein Phosphatase 2A

She Chen, Bin Li, Inge Grundke-Iqbal and Khalid Iqbal

The Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 ( 16 ): 10513 - 10521 , 2008

Small angle X-ray scattering measurements of spatial dependent linewidth in dense nanoline gratings

Chengqing Wang, Wei-En Fu, Bin Li, Huai Huang, Christopher Soles, Eric K. Lin, Wen-li Wu, Paul S. Ho and Michael W. Cresswell

Thin Solid Films 517 ( 20 ): 5844 - 5847 , 2009