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Articles by B. L Miller (6)

Off-Label Medication Use in Frontotemporal Dementia

Bei Hu, J Neuhaus, D Knopman, J Kramer, B Boeve, R. J Caselli, N Graff Radford, M. F Mendez, B. L Miller and A. L. Boxer

American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias 25 ( 2 ): 128 - 133 , 2010

White matter damage in frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer's disease measured by diffusion MRI

Y Zhang, N Schuff, A. T Du, H. J Rosen, J. H Kramer, M. L Gorno Tempini, B. L Miller and M. W. Weiner

Brain 132 ( 9 ): 2579 - 2592 , 2009

Language networks in semantic dementia

F Agosta, R. G Henry, R Migliaccio, J Neuhaus, B. L Miller, N. F Dronkers, S. M Brambati, M Filippi, J. M Ogar, S. M Wilson and M. L. Gorno Tempini

Brain 133 ( 1 ): 286 - 299 , 2010

Increased metabolic vulnerability in early-onset Alzheimer's disease is not related to amyloid burden

G. D Rabinovici, A. J Furst, A Alkalay, C. A Racine, J. P O'Neil, M Janabi, S. L Baker, N Agarwal, S. J Bonasera, E. C Mormino, M. W Weiner, M. L Gorno Tempini, H. J Rosen, B. L Miller and W. J. Jagust

Brain 133 ( 2 ): 512 - 528 , 2010

Divergent network connectivity changes in behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer's disease

J Zhou, M. D Greicius, E. D Gennatas, M. E Growdon, J. Y Jang, G. D Rabinovici, J. H Kramer, M Weiner, B. L Miller and W. W. Seeley

Brain 133 ( 5 ): 1352 - 1367 , 2010

Connected speech production in three variants of primary progressive aphasia

S. M Wilson, M. L Henry, M Besbris, J. M Ogar, N. F Dronkers, W Jarrold, B. L Miller and M. L. Gorno Tempini

Brain 133 ( 7 ): 2069 - 2088 , 2010