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Articles by Amelec Viloria
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  Amelec Viloria and Maria Andreina Moros
  One situation that has brought problems in the colombian business sector has been the same dependence as technologies are concerned. In this sense, technology management involves driving all aspects related to the generation and introduction of technological changes in the company, allowing catalyze innovations in strategic, managerial, cultural, organizational and infrastructure systems inside. In this context, the investigation to be applied for industrial projects, why the general objective to propose a model of technological management for industrial projects is justified. For this, a theoretical basis is established authors like Chiavenato, Hurtado and Toro, Paneque which served as reference for this investigation for which a methodology was used with a field design not experimental, transactional descriptive. As for the results and l purpose it is to meet the requirements of the industry which in turn translates into good service for customers who depend on it, ensuring growth and profitability for shareholders, keeping the resource human both qualified as motivated as well as continuous improvement of processes in optimal safety conditions.
  Amelec Viloria , Carmen Vasquez , Ricardo Figueredo and William Osal
  While greater our knowledge of the behavior of any facility energy consumption rater, the greater the opportunities to implement effective measures to reduce consumption without affecting productivity. In this sense, the present work aims to determine the energy performance of water sector, taking as a case study proposed provision served in Lara State, Venezuela. To achieve this purpose these monthly consumption for a period of 4 years correlated from 2012-2015, we were made correlation graphs and consumption rate was determined. About 3.203 data were analyzed for 125 environment where hydrological facilities in the state are located. The correlation diagrams shown lar trend curves and their correlation. All correlations were close to 0 considered weak. The consumption rate calculated average is 0.9561 kWh/m3. Curves consumption rate against water show that the system is more efficient as the water supply exceeds 200.000 m3.
  Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Sebastian Macias-Rojas , Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo , Andreina Moros and Amelec Viloria
  This study computes and analyzes some indicators of concentration, dominance and symmetry applied to the departmental distribution of deposits (in pesos) of banking establishments, broken down into 6 financial products: bank current account deposits, simple deposits, Term deposits, savings accounts, special savings accounts and real value savings certificates to March 2017. The results are contrasted with the information of December 2013, finding evidence of a process of greater concentration and geographical dominance of bank deposits, all variables except for real value saving certificates.
  Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo , Andreina Moros , Melissa Lis-Gutierrez and Amelec Viloria
  This study aims to establish the scenarios in which it is possible to carry out effective protection of intellectual property in the sector services sector and specifically in tourism. For this purpose, a literature review was carried out both in tourism and in the application of intellectual property to the services sector. It was possible to identify that the use of intellectual property in the sector can favor the promotion of tourism, knowledge, traditions and national culture. It was also established that intellectual property protection mechanisms are associated with copyright, domain names and platforms, trademarks (mainly umbrella brand), geographical indications and industrial designs.
  Andres-Felipe Zarate-Arevalo , Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo , Henry Laverde and Amelec Viloria
  This study aims to determine the variables through which financial sector entities can establish retention processes and create long-term and quality relationships with Bogota’s financial consumers. This was done by applying a survey to a sample of 384 people. The perception of trust and commitment of financial consumers is between regular and non-conforming however, it was possible to establish significant variations between such perception associated with age groups, number of years linked to the financial institution, marital status, type of economic activity and the number of financial products.
  Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Doris Aguilera-Hernandez , Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo , Amelec Viloria and Carolina Henao-Rodriguez
  The purpose of this document is to answer: what is the panorama of prison overcrowding in Colombia between 1991 and 2016? This document facilitates the understanding of the prison crisis that crosses the country and emphasizes in a phenomenon rarely seen. It was evidenced that since 1991 there is an increasing attendance of the PPL in the case of women with a growth of 444% compared to 2016 and in the men of 305%. There is overpopulation with a continuous upward trend since 1991, housing in recent years more than double the population that could be given the installed capacity.
  Henry Laverde-Rojas , Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Andreina Moros , Janitza Ariza-Salazar and Amelec Viloria
  This study aim to identify the determinants of consumption of vegetables and fruits in an application for Colombia. In order to do this, two types of specifications are used: in the first, a Tobit Model is used to estimate the determinants of household consumption expenditures. Then, a logistic regression model calculates the probability of consumption of this type of foods. The data used come from the national survey of income and expenditure of DANE in the period 2006-2007. The results show that the income, the socio-economics stratus and the size of the households as well as the type of employment and the sex of the individuals are fundamental factors in the consumption of vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, against what was expected education do not seem statistically consistent to these two specifications, the results show that this variable helps to increase spending but decreases the probability of consumption.
  Manuel Ignacio Balaguera , Jenny Paola Lis , Mercedes Gaitan , Amelec Viloria , Paula Vivana Robayo Acuna and Henrry La Verde
  In the present study an object oriented stochastic approach is proposed for the construction of synthetic, computational models of complex materials. The conventional approach to model and study materials mechanics will be outlined, indicating its limitations to deal with complex heterogeneous materials. The proposed object oriented integrative modeling will be explained emphasizing its advantages compared to continuum mechanics when dealing with complex materials. Finally, the stochastic assembly of complex materials synthetic samples is described and the architecture of the 3M2S (multiphysics materials modeling and simulation system) is shown, indicating further work based on 3M2s.
  Manuel Ignacio Balaguera , Jenny Paola Lis , Mercedes Gaitan , Amelec Viloria , Paula Vivana and Robayo Acuna
  In the present study an object oriented integrative modeling methodology is proposed for the construction of synthetic, computational models of bone-bone environment system that allow its simulation under in vivo conditions. The analytical mathematical approach to model and study ordinary materials will be outlined, indicating its limitations when dealing with biomaterials in physiological environments. The proposed object oriented integrative modeling will be explained emphasizing its advantages and possibilities. Finally, the architecture of the “in vivo” modeling and simulation software framework is shown, described and explained indicating further work based on this framework.
  Manuel Ignacio Balaguera , Jenny Paola Lis , Mercedes Gaitan , Amelec Viloria and Paula Vivana Robayo Acuna
  In the present study, an object oriented approach and modeling framework is proposed for the construction of synthetic, computational models of social systems. The conventional approach to model and study social systems will be reviewed and outlined, indicating its limitations to deal with their associated complex turbulent phenomena. The proposed object oriented integrative modeling will be explained emphasizing its advantages compared to reductionist methods when dealing with complex systems. Finally, the main architecture of the UTOPIA computational modeling framework, an ongoing, development is shown and described.
  Amelec Viloria , Nunziatina Bucci and Marisabel Luna
  The purpose of the present work is to perform a comparative analysis between the models of psychosocial risk assessment of the demand-control-social-support side of Karasek and Tehorel and Siegrist’s reward-effort, since, the year 2000. The models considered for the comparison is: Copenhagen of the year 2000 is TAS21 of 2005 the Toolkit for the evaluation of psychosocial risk factors of the Ministry of Social Protection of Colombia in 2010 and the model of evaluation of psychosocial risk factors determined by factors internal, individual, double and external presence of Bucci and Luna of the year 2013. The factors considered for the comparison are the internal of the individual and external organization of the worker.
  Amelec Viloria , Nunziatina Bucci and Marisabel Luna
  The purpose of this study is to outline the historical development of psychosocial risk assessment methods that emerged from stress research based on the person-environment program formulated by Karasek and his colleagues with basic dimensions of study internal factors of the organization and individuals of the worker and in some cases, external factors such as the stress profile, general nordic questionnaire, Canevas, Travail et Sante, ISTAS21, the battery of instruments for the evaluation of psychosocial risk factors of Villalobos and the method of Bucci and Luna.
  Jenny Paola Lis , G. Paula-Alejandra Rodriguez , Mercedes Gaitan , Amelec Viloria and Pilar Vega-Riano
  In this research, a bibliometric review was carried out on international logistics, performing a comparative analysis of production between 1956 and 2016 and then focusing on production from 2013-2016 in order to establish the current trends in logistics research international. Descriptive bibliometric indicators were used: volume of production, typology of documents, writing languages, number of citations, institutional affiliation of authors, sources, main journals, countries of origin of the researcher. The most promising themes in the field were green and sustainable supply chains application of big data, e-Commerce, incidence of aspects redefinition of supply chain and logistics, collaborative logistics case studies (China) global manufacturing networks analysis capacity building and user satisfaction.
  Mercedes Gaitan , Amelec Viloria and Jenny Cubillos Diaz
  In order to carry out this study in a preliminary phase, a bibliometric review was carried out on the innovation capacities in the services sector which allowed to establish the state of the art and the most relevant research carried out on this area of study in the last years, this inquiry allowed to recognize that the year in which more studies have been carried out regarding this area has been the year 2013 and that the most cited and referenced researchers are Bessant and Ackeman. In addition, it was possible to identify that the country that more related publications has had has been the USA. Together with this investigation, we performed an analysis of the most used words and most cited reserachers to know the networks of bibliographical information that are most consulted. This was done through the visual bibliometric analyzer VosViewer in which the networks of reserachers where the most cited are Bernede and Garrido, Perez and Suri who are evidenced as the center of the information network and the most used terms are: innovation in service, improvement, development, education and competitive advantage for the development of this research.
  Noel Varela Izquierdo , Damaise Perez Fernandez , Omar Bonerge Pineda Lezama and Amelec Viloria
  The present research proposes an alternative to select the best model that explains the relation of the variables that influence the labor accident in an electric power company. Among the techniques and tools used are those of occupational safety and health management, multivariate statistics, generalized linear models, the values of the deviation percentage explained and the adjusted percentage and the Akaike and Bayesian information criteria. The following variables were identified through the mentioned techniques, management commitment, compliance with legislation, prevention planning, training in prevention, updating of occupational risk management and policies that have a significant influence on work accident and through. The percentages and of the previously mentioned criteria were able to show that the logistic regression is the best model that explains the labor accident by presenting the highest percentage and the lowest values of the criteria when compared with the poisson regression and negative binomial models.
  Carmen Vasquez , Maritza Torres and Amelec Viloria
  The present research characterizes the main public policies of Latin American countries that present universities in the top 100 of the web ranking of universities. As a determining governmental policy in the universities best positioned in the group studied, there is support for the training of doctors and the management of funding programs for research projects, to a lesser extent the influence of accreditation programs on researchers, research groups and scientific journals to the positioning of universities.
  Manuel Ignacio Balaguera , Jenny Paola Lis , Mercedes Gaitan , Paula Viviana Robayo and Amelec Viloria
  Sociocybernetics is an emerging field of research, innovation and development whose proposed goal is the construction of knowledge on social systems from the systems science and cybernetics perspectives. Sociocybernetics assumes that social systems belong to the superclass of complex systems and promotes the computational modeling and simulation approach to support decision-making processes when dealing with social systems problems. In the present work, the results and analysis of a bibliometric review on sociocybernetics is reported. The main conclusion of the present work is the fact that at the present, sociocybernetics is at its initial stage of development but widely extended both geographically and across scientific disciplines which justifies efforts directed towards a sustained work in its development and its consolidation.
  Henry Laverde-Rojas , Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo , Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Amelec Viloria and Pilar Vega-Riano
  This study aims to evaluate education as a component of human capital in comparison to other types of investments that relate to the formation of this stock. First, this study uses a nonparametric method known as prospective to estimate the value of human capital for a sample of ten Latin American countries from a returns perspective. Then, through partial decompositions examines the contribution of education in the volumes of human capital. The results indicate positive effects of education that however tend to run out in the long run.
  Luz Adriana Borrero Lopez , Nataly Orellano Llinas , Hugo Hernandez Palma , Amelec Viloria and Marco Monsalve Rodriguez
  Some companies with industrial activity at present without proper fashion management psychosocial risks in the workplace this is fundamentally for this type of business to emphasize biological and physical risks, the employees run their activities. The present study of the industrial companies of metalmechanics are managing the safety and the health in the work for the control of psychosocial risks; this is a field study, supported by a quantitative instrument in which three categories are addressed: organizational behavior, personal characteristics and social environment. One of the conclusions is that industries that want to be productive and competitive in the market recognize the importance of protecting the physical, mental and emotional integrity of their employees.
  Amelec Viloria
  Remote computing operations including storage, processing and distribution of information and communication began to emerge in the last decade of the last century in business and corporate environments. However, its use has spread as a fundamental service in the latest web applications as usual practice of any current Internet user. Tightly, interwoven with network communication experiences they are in turn transforming the use of computer technology, now based on parameters such as maximum mobility, greater lightness on computers, communication and concurrency in creating mini ad hoc applications, among others. This study describes some of the most important communicative features of cloud computing as well as their social uses. Among them, breaking the traditional concepts of space, time and identity construction.
  Jenny- Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo , Paula Viviana Robayo , Doris Aguilera-Hernandez and Amelec Viloria
  This study analyzes the academic production on public administration for the period between January, 1930 and June, 2016 with emphasis on production from 2010 to June 2016. For this purpose descriptive bibliometric indicators will be used: volume of production, typology of documents, number of citations, institutional affiliation of the researchers, sources, main journals, countries of origin of the researchers and the H, G, R, i10 and A indices from the records of the Scopus bibliographic index.
  Maria Gabriela Lucena , Leadina Sanchez , Carmen Vasquez and Amelec Viloria
  Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) are an efficient alternative to traditional lighting because they consume a fifth of the energy used by incandescent lamps, reducing demand for electricity. However, because they contain mercury its use requires policies for environmental management. This study aims to analyze the regulatory framework for environmental management and use of CFLs. Analysis must be countries like the US, China and the European Community have carried out plans for incorporating LFC and in parallel have developed environmental policies and reducing the mercury content of these lamps, demonstrating, environmental and social responsibility in the matter.
  Luz Adriana Borrero Lopez , Dionicio Neira Rodado , Hugo Hernandez Palma , Amelec Viloria and Ligia Maria Castro Barros
  At present, 146 IPS located in the Colombian Caribbean Region have a financial deficit and deep administrative failures that prevent their competitiveness in the market. Hence, these institutions must incorporate an effective tool that allows them to restructure their processes and bring them to the achievement of their objectives. The present study of investigation is directed, precisely to verify if these entities have the conditions and the knowledge to incorporate the managerial tool of reengineered with aim to improve its administrative processes.
  Castillo-Ramirez Margarita , Avila-Pereira Yoleimy , Parody-Munoz Alexander , Pacheco-Bustos Carlos , Gallego-Cartagena Euler , Amelec Viloria and Martinez-Burgos Walter
  In this research, an analysis of the hazardous waste management residential (RPD) in the city of Barranquilla Colombia due to the lack of reports and research related to this subject, developed a questionnaire with 13 questions was developed which a once validated, it applied to a sample of 384 people differentiated by socioeconomic status whose results were evaluated statistically using Statgrahics Centurion 16. From this analysis, it was found that in the residential sector, 40% of the population does not understand the difference between an organic residue and a hazardous waste (RESPEL) and 84% of the population believes that in the city, not proper management of hazardous household waste (RPD) is performed, demonstrating the importance of strengthening the mechanisms of action on the management of this waste in Barranquilla.
  Amelec Viloria , German Alvarez and Jenny-Paola Lis-gutierrez
  One of the myths that has accompanied natural medicine is the belief that it is only based on the empirical knowledge, knowing that within it a process which can take several years to certify the effectiveness of the product is followed. Thus, it is intended through this research, studying the elements to consider for the development of drugs of natural character within the Colombian nation. The study methodology was based on the type of documentary research with a bibliographic design. In this sense they worked with researchers such as, Rang and Dale, Velasquez, among others. Among the results they highlighted that in recent years the natural medicine has flourished in the Colombian public for having demonstrated track their products beyond the effects effectiveness offered. The phases of production of traditional medicine can be used for the mass production of herbal medicine.
  Luz Adriana Borrero Lopez , Jorge Rodriguez , Amelec Viloria , Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo and Norka Marquez
  Integrated management systems (SIG) arise as an improvement alternative that allows health sector companies to achieve their objectives in line with the expectations and needs in terms of quality, safety and health at work (TSS) and medium environment, its internal and external stakeholders. The present study tries to reveal how these companies have carried out the process of incorporating SIG, what their conception about the benefits of the same and also, reveals if at present these companies carry out integrated audits to guarantee the effectiveness of the system. Among the findings is that if the SIG is not incorporated in the appropriate way can generate contradictory effects in health companies as there may be incompatibilities between the requirements of quality, TSS and environmental management.
  Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Harry Ernesto Reyna-Nino , Leonardo Sicard-Abad , Amelec Viloria , Willians Badillo and Lesvia Valero Barrera
  Using as a primary source the reports of the Audit Management Department of the Customs Inspection Management Branch of the National Tax and Customs Office (DIAN) of Colombia an empirical study of the ex post facto, transversal, exploratory and descriptive, presenting the main results of the coordinated action of such as the Dian, the Fiscal and customs police, highway police, state intelligence, national navy and prosecutor 2015 and 2016, against the fight against smuggling.
  Amelec Viloria and Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez
  Since, the human being exists, it has expressed the need for well-being and feel good about your body. In this sense, nature has provided answers about offering through its plants healing forms that have been transformed according to the needs of human beings and the experiences acquired during their evolution they have given knowledge empirical how each plant should be used. Given the highlight, it is intended through this research to analyze the evolution of natural medicine within the Colombian popular culture for they were taken as the basis between the researchers. The methodology used research focuses on a type of documentary research with a bibliographic design for which the data were collected from the analysis of categories. Results indicated that the empirical development has allowed Colombian solve their health and wellness needs in relation to resources that has given them the environment in which they are seated. The gaps economically in addition to the difficulties in the direct taking of medicines by Colombians (especially, those who are more socially disadvantaged strata) have given rise to the use of natural medicines.
  Amelec Viloria and Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo
  The disease is something that accompanies the human being from its existence which has sought to explain those symptomatology beyond their logic, thus, start the explanations from the plane of magic. Religious which are configured in a series of practices in which various plants and roots which are transformed into teas or foods that promote specific relief conditions are involved. Thus, various plants and roots have medicinal acquired the adjective as in Colombian popular culture have established themselves as healing. In this sense, we try through this research to identify the most common diseases in the Colombian indigenous areas. To do this, several researchers including stand will be used: Navarrete, Sanabria, Lozoya, among others methodologically the research was documentary-bibliographical as several texts were analyzed in relation to theme. They were obtained as results within the Colombian indigenous cultures have used a series of magical methods-religious and personal interaction in which the recommendation consumption of plants and roots, it is almost vital to achieving the goals of healing. The traditional practice of home gardens is one of the most widespread aspects within communities. This point is taken into account as a central objective for the management and use of plant species that can probably overcome some health problems requiring immediate ambulatory care.
  Ligia Castro , Amelec Viloria , Jeison Contreras , Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo and Hugo Hernandez
  The following study presents the importance of human management through the reflection of administrative theories and the various modifications that have been presented over time by different socio-economic phenomena. The various principles will be reviewed in this regard, until the way in which the human factor is currently managed where their skills and competencies are recognized as the basis for business growth or development. Although, there is a great deal of information on this thematic axis, there is still much to be done in promoting human talent; in most companies this has not changed the situation of employees and they have to implement all these hypotheses to achieve an impact on business productivity. At present, the human talent management goes beyond simple selection for a position and its consequent performance evaluation; also must be inserted within the organizational processes, factors such as training and motivation, to achieve the permanence of the person and their contribution as a competitive advantage to business activity.
  Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez , Jairo Enrique Santander-Abril , Amelec Viloria , Edwin Alexandre Cano Otero , Nadia Angelica Gisela Leon Castro and Osman Enrique Redondo Bilbao
  This study intends to evaluate the coverage of financial services in the country, through an analysis of the departmental and municipal location of the offices of the different types of credit establishments and banking correspondents, according to the information available to March 2017. It was identified that for each office in the Colombian territory there were 12 banking correspondents. Both types of points of contact were concentrated especially in cities, agglomerations and territorial entities of intermediate rurality. Likewise, it was evidenced that the progress in geographic coverage has occurred through the dispersion of bank correspondents which are found in 243 municipalities (21.66% of the total in Colombia) that do not have financial offices. Despite this, there are still 16 municipalities (1.4%) without any coverage.
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