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Articles by A. Ismail
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  M. Y. Lim , W. M.M. Yunus , Z. A. Talib , A. Kassim , C. F. Dee and A. Ismail
  Problem statement: The aim of this research was to study the electrical and optical properties of N, N`-bis(Inaphthyl)-N,N`-diphenyl-1,1`-biphenyl-4,4`-diamine (NPB) organic materials often used as hole transport layer in Organic Light-Emitting Devices (OLED). Approach: The NPB layer was prepared using the thermal evaporation method. From photoluminescence spectra, two peaks at 630 and 480 nm were observed with 55 nm NPB. The electrical conductivity was strongly influenced by the layer thickness. Results: The energy band gap of each NPB layer was successfully presented in the range of 2.4-2.9 eV. Conclusion: This study successfully showed the effect of different thickness of NPB in OLED.
  M. T.S.M. Said , D. A. Hamid , A. Ismail , S. N.N. Zainal , M. Awang , M. A. Rojan , I. M. Ikram and M. F. Makhtar
  Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is a high reliability solid state joining process that promote energy efficient, versatile and environmental friendly. In this study, experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of FSW welding parameter for different transverse speeds (i.e., 67, 82 and 92 mm min–1) and rotational speeds (i.e., 490, 653 and 910 rpm) on the weld quality of Aluminium Alloy (AA) 5083 T-joint. A customized fixture had been made to clamp 2 pieces of AA5083 and AISI H13 cone with thread tool shape is used as tool pin profiles in this present study. Five samples were successfully prepared and three mechanical tests were carried to validate the specimens such as visual inspection on the surface weld, macro inspection and tensile test. It was found that the suitable welding parameter obtained is rotational speed 910 rpm and transverse speed 92 mm min–1. The specimen produces no defect on the weld surface and cross section as well as obtained highest ultimate tensile strength of 90.33 Mpa.
  S.K. Ibrahim , L. Ibrahim , A. Ismail , A. Basal , M. Kayal , H. Ghanem and S. Rammel
  Different species/populations of Origanum and Thymus indigenous to Lebanon were analyzed by slab gel electrophoresis to compare protein patterns and isoenzymes phenotypes of esterase and peroxidase. Multiple electromorphs were obtained. The differences in the esterase profiles obtained by electrophoresis were consistent with the results of morphological identification of different groups of Origanum from different geographical areas. The esterase patterns successfully differentiate between different phenotypes/species of Origanum also between two different species of Thymus. The results demonstrated that isoenzymes phenotypes are useful to supplement the morphological characterisation of these species. The highest esterase activities and clearer banding profile were obtained during and after flowering period of plant development.
  H. Pirdashti , Z. Tahmasebi Sarvestani , GH. Nematzadeh and A. Ismail
  An experiment was conducted to compare fifteen lowland rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes for drought tolerance based on some physiological parameters in germination stage. Five levels of water stress (0, -3.0, -5.0, -7.5 and B10 bars) treatments were given with polyethylene glycol (PEG 6000). The water solutions were replaced with fresh solutions regularly. Seed germination percentage and seedling growth decreased with increasing water stress in all the genotypes. Among the genotypes, Tarom, Khazar, Fajr and Nemat recorded better germination and seedling growth in terms of radicle and plumule length under stress conditions than other genotypes.
  A.M. Abd , S.M. Abd , A. Ismail and M.F.M. Zain
  This study highlights the topics of productivity monitoring and measurement in constructing sector. To develop the productivity, several measures have been done in some area of construction projects. Concreting process is taken as case study. The finding pointed the relative importance of this activity in terms of time and cost. Three methods of concreting process were examined; manual method, semi-mechanized method and full-mechanized method. For small size works, the manual method was the best for concreting work less than 50 m3 for work more than 50 m3 and less than 260 m3, the Semi Mechanized Method was the best and finally for work size more than 260 m3, the full mechanized method was the most suitable. A comparative model has been developed to determine the best method of construction, its cost and duration. This model can also be used as a predicting tool for selecting the method during the planning phase of project.
  A. Ismail and W.J. Hilo
  Corresponding Author has Withdrawn this Article.
  F. Shokri , A. Ismail and Riza Atiq O.K. Rahmat
  The aim of this study is to find out the travel time between the zones by different routes of the study area and discover the shortest travel time which is calculated by using the online data. In this study the OD matrix of the flow is updated in each loop of the algorithm by using the double constraint gravity model and traffic assignment, also the delay time of the intersections are calculated. The calculated travel times are capable for informing the traveler on the internet or other Medias for letting the traveler to choose the best travel route. The data required for this study are collected from Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and the program is written with Visual Basic.NET (Microsoft, 2008). Users of this program are capable for selecting their origin and destination and they find out the travel time, the length of the route and different possible path is illustrated by different color on the figure for the users.
  W.J. Hilo , K.A. Rashid and A. Ismail
  The author has withdraw this paper.
  A. Ismail , R. Aminzadeh , A. Aram and I. Arshad
  This research summarizes a study that was performed on the construction Main Road in Iran related to the use of technique Value Engineering (VE), its applicability and acceptance in the performance of today’s constructed Main Road. Also, the data were collected from project Main Road constructed. This study achieved to the model Value Engineering in Main Road Construction (VEMRC) which cause decrease time, decrease cost and increase quality in projects it has been. That yielded equal VEMRC = 3.836 -0.2099T-0.0000033396C+0. 334 Q responses. The major findings concerning reduce cost, reduce time and increase quality for use technique Value Engineering, analytical technique usage from software R also usage from method liner regression. The results indicate that technique VE is very useful in construction Main Road. The study shows that usage VE in construction Main Road are more experienced and educated, they inclined to work in stage design also they are more likely to use VE in all stages projects.
  M.H. Nahi , A. Ismail and A.K. Ariffin
  Tire-pavement contact stress is traditionally assumed to be uniformly distributed over a circular contact area. In this study, the tire-pavement contact pressure has been modeled to be nonuniform. A new tire model is developed for the analysis based on the geometry of the tire footprint because the contact area between the tire and the pavement is not exactly rectangular or circular. The objective of this study is to develop a finite element model based on viscoplastic theory for simulating the laboratory testing of asphalt mixes in Hamburg Wheel Rut Tester (HWRT) for rutting and to model in-situ pavement performance. The creep parameters C1, C2 and C2 are developed from the triaxial repeated load creep test at 50°C and at frequency of 1 Hz. Viscoplastic model (creep model) is adopted and a commercially available Finite Element (FE) program, ANSYS, is used in this study, in order to predict the rutting for in-situ pavement under nonuniform contact pressure. In the simulation, the used element has an eight-node with a three degrees of freedom per node translations in the nodal x, y and z directions. Dual wheel system of a standard axle load of 80 kN is used in the 2D pavement in-situ performance analysis. Reasonable agreement has been obtained between the predicted rut depths and the measured one. Moreover, it is found that creep model parameter C1, strongly influences rutting than the parameter C3. Finally it can be concluded that creep model based on finite element method can be used as an effective tools to analyze rutting of asphalt pavements.
  M.H. Hafezi , A. Ismail and A.A. Shariff
  This study presents a comparative analysis of fare collection systems for inter-city bus operation. One of the important issues in the bus scheduling model is stops of buses in the bus stations (called dwell time -where buses have to stop for boarding and alighting passengers in the bus station). This issue has a direct impact on increased travel time. Subsequently, increased travel time for one bus mission can cause delay in the loops of bus scheduling. This article describes a survey of fare collection systems for bus operations, covering two fare collection systems: paying cash and using the touch-n-go card. We studied this issue in a real case inter-city bus operation. It has been highlighted that a fare collection system using the touch-n-go card has higher efficiency than other the cash method in relation to reducing dwell time of buses in the bus station.
  R. Ismail , M.H. Hafezi and A. Ismail
  Buses are the most widely used in transit technology today because bus networks are easily accessible and cheaper than other kinds of public transportation. Proper Schedule of bus service is a main issue in the reliability of bus operation. To achieve this, minimizing of delays is one solution for increasing its reliability. In fact, static structure and the real operation of bus scheduling have some difference with each other, due to some cases, such as traffic congestion and the accumulation of delays of buses missions. This article describes an analysis of bus routes that included two sections: mixed traffic lane and exclusive traffic lane. Using the specific lane for bus operation can decrease delays in bus mission. We studied this issue in a real case inter-city bus operation. It has been highlighted that by using two types of lane in bus route included mixed traffic lane and exclusive bus lane delays of bus operation will be reduced. This high performance level can be shown by using statistical analysis.
  A.L. Ahmad , N. Ideris , B.S. Ooi , S.C. Low and A. Ismail
  This study was aimed to study the influence of different PVDF membrane morphology on the adsorption of single proteins. Porous, symmetric PVDF membranes were prepared from PVDF/NMP solution by the phase inversion process. In this paper, the influence of polymer concentration in the 10.0-22.0 wt.% interval for the batchwise protein adsorption of BSA was investigated. The effect of polymer concentration on pore size distribution and surface morphology has been studied under capillary flow porometer and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) respectively, which were further supported with the porosity test. All the synthesized membranes have a small range of pore size distribution with the decreased in pore size as the polymer concentration increased. It was found the membrane made of semi-crystalline PVDF showed a significant morphology change. For membrane performance, protein binding capacity showed the highest protein being retained at an optimum membrane formulation.
  Z. Adam , M. Hamid , A. Ismail and S. Khamis
  The present study was designed to evaluate the potential of five extract and three fractions of Ficus deltoidea to enhance basal and insulin-stimulated glucose uptake into Chang liver cell line. The results showed that all Ficus deltoidea extracts and fractions except petroleum ether extract have the ability to enhance either basal or insulin-stimulated glucose uptake into liver cell line. Ethanolic and methanolic extracts as well as acidified chloroform and bacified chloroform fractions possess insulin-mimetic activity. Of all extracts and fractions, ethanolic extract possess the highest insulin-mimetic activity. Methanolic extract and n-butanolic fraction possess insulin-sensitizing activity, with the highest activity shown by methanolic extract. There is no synergistic effect between Ficus deltoidea extracts or fractions with 100 nM insulin. It can be suggested that antidiabetic action of Ficus deltoidea is partly associated with glucose disposal into liver cells.
  M. Daradka , Z. Bani , A. Ismail and A. Almomany
  This study was performed to investigate the effects of desmotomy of the Navicular Bone Suspensory Ligament (NBSL) on navicular bone radio-morphometric features and on navicular bone remodeling in normal donkeys (Equus asinus). Twenty normal healthy, adult, local breed donkeys, between 5 and 7 years of age and weighing 120-150 kg were used. Three radiographic views (lateromedial, dorsopalmar and palmaroproximal- palmarodistal oblique) of navicular bones of the forelimbs were taken of experimental (n = 15) and control animals (n = 5) before and after desmotomy and every 4 weeks thereafter for 12 months. Radiographic images were used for determining the navicular bone radiometric measurements. The same measurements were then obtained on fresh specimens at the end of the study. The following radio and morphometric measurements were obtained: articular surface width (D1), flexor surface width (D2), length of the navicular bone (D3) and flexor surface thickness (D4). There were no apparent radiographic or gross changes on the navicular bone in experimental animals. Radiometric and morphometric measurements were also similar in control and experimental animals. Results of this study showed that there are no detrimental effects, or abnormal remodeling of the navicular bone due to NBSL desmotomy in donkeys. Results of this study will help veterinarians and practitioners to accurately follow-up on cases radiographically, where NBSL desmotomy was performed.
  C.K. Yap , A. Ismail and S.G. Tan
  The geochemical partitioning of copper (Cu) in surface sediment of two sampling cruises from the Straits of Malacca have been studied. The results show that the total concentrations of Cu in sediments ranged from 2.48 to 11.95 μg g‾1 and 2.59 to 13.3 μg g‾1 for the first and second sampling cruises, respectively. Nonresistant fractions (EFLE, acid-reducible and oxidisable-organic) covered 60.43% (first cruise) and 46.21% (second cruise) of total Cu concentration in the sediments. This indicated that although the total Cu concentration in sediments were relatively low, the geochemical study revealed that about 50% of the total Cu found in the sediment could be due to anthropogenic inputs besides natural origins. Among this nonresistant fractions, the oxidisable-organic fraction contributed about 81-86%.
  Z. Adam , S. Khamis , A. Ismail and M. Hamid
  The present study was undertaken to evaluate the potential of Ficus deltoidea to inhibit the enzyme, α-glucosidase in the small intestine, as this is known to be an antidiabetic mechanism. The results of the in vitro study had shown that hot aqueous, ethanolic and methanolic extracts of Ficus deltoidea inhibit rat intestine α-glucosidase activity significantly, in a concentration dependent manner. The IC50 values of these extracts are 4.15, 2.06 and 1.72 mg mLG1, respectively. From a study of the enzyme kinetics, all extracts exhibited a mixed-type inhibition mechanism against the activity of α-glucosidase. In an animal study, all extracts, when used at a dose of 1000 mg kgG1 b.wt., reduce postprandial hyperglycemia following sucrose administration. This was true in normal and in diabetic rats, as shown by the significant attenuation of the value of AUCGlucose compared to the control group. The methanolic extract is the most potent inhibitor of α-glucosidase, followed by the ethanolic and hot aqueous extracts. We suggest that the inhibition of α-glucosidase in the small intestine in part mediates the antidiabetic property of Ficus deltoidea.
  C.K. Yap , F.B. Edward , R.A.A. Emila , F.I. Ainey , A. Ismail , S.G. Tan and Y. Sharizat
  The guppy fish, Poecilia reticulata and the lake surface sediments were collected from the Serdang Lake in August 2005. Both the fish and the sediment samples were analyzed for Cu, Cd, Pb, Zn and Ni. The ranges of metal concentrations (μg g-1 dry weight) in the fish were 0.160-11.1 μg g-1 for Cu; 64.6-174 μg g-1 for Zn; 0.400-4.03 μg g-1 for Cd; 3.27-12.1 μg g-1 for Ni and 19.5-50.9 μg g-1 for Pb. In the sediment, the ranges of metal concentrations were 1.97-62.1 μg g-1 for Cu; 31.6-274 μg g-1 for Zn; 1.92-3.17 μg g-1 for Cd; 60.2-94.8 μg g-1 for Ni and 3.23-42.1 μg g-1 for Pb. It was found that the concentrations of Zn was the highest found in both fish and sediment samples, followed by Pb, Cu, Ni and Cd. The similar pattern of heavy metal occurrence was found in the fish and in the sediment, indicated that the fish could be used as a potential biomonitor for metal contamination in the freshwater ecosystem. Since P. reticulata are widely distributed in lakes and in almost all of the urban drainage, this fish species is a very potential biomonitor of heavy metal bioavailabilites in the polluted freshwater ecosystem of Malaysia.
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