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Articles by A. Ahmadi
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  J. Solati , A. Ahmadi and A.A. Salari
  The present study examined whether administration of PCP and its methyl and methoxy derivatives affect food and water intake under deprivation. Animals were deprived for 24 h before tested for food and water intake. The PCP and its derivatives were injected intraperitoneally and treated groups measured 1-12 h for food and 30-180 min for water intake post-injection. The results showed that, both of derivatives, can increase food and water intake in comparison to the PCP and saline groups. Methyl and methoxy derivatives of phencyclidine may affect central systems that are involved in feeding behavior.
  A.A Saki , M. Momeni , M.M. Tabatabaei , A. Ahmadi , M.M.H. Rahmati , H.R. Hemati Matin and A. Janjan
  The main objective of this study was to determine the effects of various feeding programs (with different energy protein levels) and strain on broiler performance. Three hundred ninety six day old chicks were used in this study. The treatments groups were designed in a 2 x 3 factorial with two commercial strains (Cobb and Arbor Acres Plus) and three dietary programs 1) NRC regimen 2) Single diet (S) and 3) Phase Feeding Regimen (PF). Traits such as fed intake, feed conversion ratio, body weight, production index, mortality and growth rate were recorded for strains and feeding programs. At the end of period there were no significant effects between strains in mentioned traits. But for NRC and PF feed intake was significantly lower than S diet (p<0.05). Also NRC and PF diets significantly increased growth rate and average body weight comparing to S diet (p<0.05). NRC regimen, production index and feed conversion ratio were significantly better than PF and S diets (p<0.01). Except to feed conversion ratio at 42 days of age there were no significant interaction between strains and diets (p>0.05). S diet caused to decrees performance and economical efficiency. Decreasing diet cost and increasing economical efficiency were obtained by PF diet without any response in performance. It was concluded that better performance appeared by Arbor Acres Plus strain in regarding of NRC diet.
  F. Heidari , R. Sadrkhanlou , A. Rastegarnia and A. Ahmadi
  The present study was undertaken to determine whether different protocol of gonadotropin, involved in regulation of ovarian steroidogenesis in female mice. The purpose of the present study was to determine the better time of treatment with gonadotropin. Thirty female mice in age from 4-5 weeks was used. All animal received 10 Iu gonadotropin (IP), then animals divided in 5 groups (n = 6 per group) group I = Control (primer injection), group 2 after 2 weeks, group 3 after 4 weeks group 4 after 6 weeks and group 5 after 8 weeks after primer injection super ovulated or stimulated by injection gonadotropin (10 Iu, IP). In each group, 46 h after injection, concentration of estrogen and progesterone were measured by Electrochemiluminescenc (ECL). Results showed that blood estrogen level decrease in group 2 and blood estrogen and progesterone. Concentration in group 3 was higher than other groups. The results of this study confirmed that the best time for treatment with gonadotrophin according ovarian hormones for IVF is 4 weeks after primer injection (group 1).
  Z. Tahmasbi , M. Khalili , A. Castro and A. Ahmadi
  Microgabbrodiorite, microdiorite and less than microgranodiorite enclaves occur in the Astaneh pluton. These enclaves have I-type mineral assemblages that are broadly similar to those in the host granitoids except for the greater abundance of mafic minerals, such as amphibole. They show various features formed by magma mixing/mingling environment: abundant subrounded shape, sharp but partly diffuse contact with host granitoids, finer grain size than host granites, more mafic small enclave in large enclave, ocellar quartz, acicular apatite, poikilitic textures and pargasitic amphibole in dacitic enclave. Indeed geochemistry evidences and enclaves normalized against their host granodiorites show that magma mingling occurred.
  S. Bakhshande- Nosrat , E.A. Ghaemi , A. Ahmadi , N. Behnampour , A. Marjani and A.R. Mansourian
  Copper is an integrated parts of metal-protein required far varieties of oxide-reductive metabolic pathways in human. Copper deficiency is considered as risk factors in some pregnancies. Premature rupture of membrane is a pregnancy complication with major adverse effects and is believed maternal Copper deficiency can also be considered as interventional factors. This study was done to evaluate if there is a correlation between maternal serum Copper concentration and premature rupture of membrane in pregnancy. In this case-control study 60 pregnant women with Premature Rupture of Membrane (PROM) were selected as case group including term and pre term the control group consist of 60 pregnant women with normal delivery of term and pre term states. Both group were matched for maternal and pregnancy age. In case and control group the pregnancy at term and pre-term were grouped independently as well. In general the maternal mean serum Copper concentration were 192.4±78.2 and 201.08±82.06 in case and control groups, respectively but this differences statistically was not significant. Data in this study revealed that the absolute value of maternal serum Copper concentration of term or pre term in case groups was slightly lower than related controls. Drop in maternal Copper concentration in some disturbed pregnancies such as premature rupture of membrane is previously demonstrated and based on our data the absolute Copper serum concentration of women with premature rupture of membrane was also slightly lower compared to healthy pregnancy but it was not statistically significant.
  S.M. Hedayatmofidi , A. Ahmadi , M.T. Badeleh , F. Bakhsha and H.R. Joshaghani
  The aim of study to determine the prevalence of asthma in Gorgan. This cross-sectional study was carried out in randomly chosen public and non-profitable primary, guidance and high schools. Five hundred eighty copies of a standard questionnaire, which was randomly distributed among the students, were filled out by parents on behalf of their children. Six cases (1%) with triad asthma symptoms. Sixty five cases (11.2%) with cough 26 cases (4.5%) with tightness and 27 cases (4.7%) with wheezing, without they have caught cold. In all cases, 11.7% have at least one asthma symptoms. There was no significant relationship between asthma and age, sex and ethnic. As the results reveal the rate of asthma in Gorgan is high (11.7%) and it is important that people get educated to fight against asthma.
  M.H. Eftekhari , H. Mozaffari Khosravi , Z. Mazloom and A. Ahmadi
  The present research was conduted to examine the relationship between thyroid function and body mass index. A cross-sectional study was carried out in Lar province and its' vicinity in south of Iran. By stepwise random sampling from all public girls' high schools, 227 high school participants (aged 12-21) were selected. Serum samples were collected and assayed for Triiodothyronine (T3), thyroxine (T4), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), reverse triiodothyronine (rT3), free thyroxine (FT4), free triiodothyronine (FT3). Weight and height were measured and body mass index (BMI) were calculated (weight (kg)/height2 (m)). Subgroup analysis was done according to body mass index. TSH, T4 and rT3 were correlated with BMI (r = 0.66, p = 0.001 and r = 0.12, p = 0.05 and r = 0.65, p = 0.001, respectively). Adolescent girls with BMI ≥ 25 kg m-2 showed higher serum TSH, T4 and rT 3 than subjects with BMI < 25 kg m-2 (p = 0.001, p = 0.05 and p = 0.001, respectively). Present results showed that, although thyroid function was normal in the studied participants TSH and rT3 were positively correlated to BMI. TSH and rT3 could present a marker of altered energy balance in overweight and obese adolescent girls.
  A. Ahmadi , A. Sio-Se Mardeh , K. Poustini and M. Esmailpour Jahromi
  Insufficient seedling stand establishment is one of the major obstacles to achievement of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) potential yield. In the present study, seeds of eleven wheat cultivars differing in drought resistance were subjected to hydropriming with distilled water and osmopriming with PEG 6000 for 12 h. Speed of emergence, vigor index and seedling dry weight were studied under two temperature conditions at 11 and 18° C in plant growth incubators. Water stress started 15 Days After Sowing (DAS). As compared with osmopriming, hydropriming clearly improved speed of emergence, vigor index and seedling dry weight. The results were more evident at 11° C indicating that hydropriming is more efficient for cold rather than temperate area. At both temperatures, PEG treatment severely diminished above mentioned traits. At 11° C, drought resistant cultivars i.e., Sardari, Agosta-Sefid, Azar 2 and Sabalan had higher seedlings dry weight as compared with susceptible ones. Therefore, it is proposed that measurement of seedling dry weight may be a proper approach for early screening of wheat drought resistant genotypes.
  A. Ahmadi , M.M. Tabatabaei , H. Aliarabi , A.A. Saki and S.A. Hosseini Siyar
  Ninety hens were divided into six groups as a 2x3 factorial design and fed diets containing Wheat Bran (WB) at two levels of 0 and 5% and the enzyme phytase at three levels of 0, 150 and 300 FTU kg-1. Egg weight, egg production, feed intake and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) were determined. Eggs were collected on two consecutive days at fortnightly intervals to measure egg size and egg component weights. Shell thickness was measured. Egg production, egg weight, FCR and feed intake were not affected by WB. Egg production, egg weight and feed intake were significantly higher in phytase-supplemented groups than unsupplemented groups. FCR differed significantly between dietary treatments as phytase supplementation significantly decreased FCR. Inclusion of WB to the diets had no effect on egg size and albumen weight. Phytase supplementation did not affect yolk weight, although albumen and shell weight were significantly affected.
  A. Ahmadi , Z. Sohrabi and M.H. Eftekhari
  The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between breakfast pattern and short-term memory in guidance-school students. Memory improves for subjects who have eaten breakfast. It appears that breakfast consumption influences cognition via several mechanisms. What children eat for breakfast before going to school is very important. A total of 150 junior high school girls were taken from a subject pool in four schools in Shiraz (capital of the Fars Province in Iran). They filled out the socio-economic questionnaires as well as food frequency questionnaires for breakfast and provided two-three day breakfast records in two different seasons and their short-term memories were evaluated by Weksler test socio-economic conditions and dietary intakes were analyzed. The results of the study showed that there was no correlation between parents job, students mean age and their school grades with their memory scores. Dietary analysis demonstrated a negative correlation between local soup consumption in breakfast and memory scores. Food record analysis showed no correlation between fat, cholesterol, protein, vitamin B6, B12, calorie and iodine intake in breakfast and memory scores, but there was a positive correlation between carbohydrate, iron and vitamin B3 intake in breakfast and memory scores, similarly there was a positive correlation between B12 intake in the breakfast and students’ average school grades during the year.
  A. Ahmadi , M. Ershad , H. Givzadeh and A. Mohammad-Beigi
  Several studies have indicated a poor nutritional knowledge among physicians, thus a survey was carried out to determine the nutritional knowledge of physicians working in general and private practice (governmental and non-governmental centers, respectively) in Iran. Data were collected by means of a questionnaire including multiple-choice questions. The study was conducted among randomly selected 200 physicians (male: 140, female: 60) working in clinics related to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME). The responses of the physicians to the questions about nutrition (particularly hypertension, diabetes and obesity) were evaluated by scoring them. The average scores of the nutrition knowledge level of the male and female physicians were 9.61±2.63 and 9.61±2.85, respectively. It was found that the nutrition knowledge level of just 13.1% of the physicians was mediocre and 86.9% was poor. The results indicate that physicians don’t have enough knowledge about important topics in nutrition such as diet therapy in topics mentioned; therefore they need more education in nutrition.
  A. Ahmadi , N. Enayatizadeh , M. Akbarzadeh , S. Asadi and S.H.R. Tabatabaee
  Iron deficiency anemia is the most prevalent micronutrient deficiency in the world, affecting 20-50% of the world’s population. It is estimated that 10 and 20% of male and female athletes are iron deficient, respectively. Iron deficiency has deleterious effects on the physical performance of athletes. It decreases aerobic capacity, increases heart rate and elongates the recovery time after exercise. In this cross-sectional study, 42 semi-professional female athletes who had been playing in basketball, volleyball and handball super league teams served as subjects. Data on socioeconomic and fertility status as well as the type of sport were obtained through a questionnaire. Nutritional data were gathered with a 3 day dietary recall. Total intake of calorie, iron, zinc, folate, vitamin C and B12 were also analyzed. In addition, ferritin and TIBC were measured and a CBC test was done for each subject. The results showed that the mean total calorie intake of women was 2049.79±735.12 kcal, where their iron intake was 22.33±9.24 mg day-1. There was a significant difference between the iron intake of basketball and volleyball players (p = 0.036). Of our subjects, 33.33% had low ferritin levels (<30 ng mL-1) and it was lowest in handball players. Higher than normal ferritin levels were seen in 12.5% of the subjects. We saw a significant difference in ferritin levels of basketball and handball players (p = 0.047). We conclude that the intake of calorie and iron is low in female athletes and therefore, their hematological indices such as ferritin level are below standard values.
  M.M. Tabatabaie , H. Aliarabi , A.A. Saki , A. Ahmadi and S.A. Hosseini Siyar
  Eighty layer hens were assigned in a completely randomized design to four dietary treatments containing zinc sulphate or organic zinc as Albino-Zn in two levels of 25 or 50 ppm. Feed intake was expressed on a per hen basis. Daily egg collection was expressed on a hen-day basis. Eggs were weighed to calculate egg mass. Feed conversion ratio was calculated as feed consumed per egg mass. Also all eggs produced on days 14, 28 and 42 were collected and used for egg quality parameters. Albumen height was measured and HU was calculated. The yolk and dried shell were weighed then albumen weight was calculated. There was no effect of zinc source or zinc level on egg production, egg weight or feed conversion ratio. However, feed intake was lower in the group receiving 50 mg kg-1 organic zinc. There were no significant treatment differences for weight of egg components or shell thickness, but albumen height and HU were higher in the second fortnight for the groups receiving organic zinc at 25 or 50 mg kg-1 than in the un-supplemented group.
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