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Articles by A. C Leon (5)

Integrating Statistical and Clinical Research Elements in Intervention-Related Grant Applications: Summary From an NIMH Workshop

J. T Sherrill, D. I Sommers, A. A Nierenberg, A. C Leon, S Arndt, K Bandeen Roche, J Greenhouse, D Guthrie, S. L Normand, K. A Phillips, M. K Shear and R. Woolson

Academic Psychiatry 33 ( 3 ): 221 - 228 , 2009

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A Double-blind Randomized Controlled Trial of Olanzapine Plus Sertraline vs Olanzapine Plus Placebo for Psychotic Depression: The Study of Pharmacotherapy of Psychotic Depression (STOP-PD)

B. S Meyers, A. J Flint, A. J Rothschild, B. H Mulsant, E. M Whyte, C Peasley Miklus, E Papademetriou, A. C Leon, M Heo and for the STOP PD Group

Archives of General Psychiatry 66 ( 8 ): 838 - 847 , 2009

Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy and Brief Supportive Psychotherapy for Augmentation of Antidepressant Nonresponse in Chronic Depression: The REVAMP Trial

J. H Kocsis, A. J Gelenberg, B. O Rothbaum, D. N Klein, M. H Trivedi, R Manber, M. B Keller, A. C Leon, S. R Wisniewski, B. A Arnow, J. C Markowitz, M. E Thase and for the REVAMP Investigators

Archives of General Psychiatry 66 ( 11 ): 1178 - 1188 , 2009

Longitudinal Course of Bipolar I Disorder: Duration of Mood Episodes

D. A Solomon, A. C Leon, W. H Coryell, J Endicott, C Li, J. G Fiedorowicz, L Boyken and M. B. Keller

Archives of General Psychiatry 67 ( 4 ): 339 - 347 , 2010

Empirical typology of bipolar I mood episodes

D. A Solomon, A. C Leon, J Endicott, W. H Coryell, C Li, J. G Fiedorowicz and M. B. Keller

The British Journal of Psychiatry 195 ( 6 ): 525 - 530 , 2009