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Trends in Medical Research

Year: 2007  |  Volume: 2  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 57 - 60

Epidemiological Study of Herpes Labialis Among the Students of Golestan University of Medical Sciences in North, Iran

E.O. Ghaemi, A. Moradi, A.R. Mansourian, A. Ghadirzadeh, N. Behnampoure and S. Bakhshandeh Nosrat


This research has been set up to determine the prevalence and to recognize the effective risk factors in causing the reactivation of this abnormality. This study is a cross-sectional analytical-descriptive research, which was carried out during 2003 on the students of Golestan University of Medical Sciences. In this study, the demographic characteristic of 310 subjects was obtained using a questionnaire which was filled by the students. Fifty nine point four percent of the subject population was female. The mean age of sample population was 21.77 years. Two hundred and four subjects (65.8%) had experienced herpetic infection during their life-time. Lip was the main sites of such infection (87.56%) of the cases. Out of the above number of students 41 (13.2%) subjects had herpetic infection. The second questionnaire was given to this later subject to fill. The main question in the second questionnaire was focused on the effective risk factors of the incidence of herpetic infection. The main effective risk factors in recurrence of herpetic infection were, anxiety stress, psychological problems in 90.2% of cases and mouth manipulation 61%. We conclude that the frequency of herpes labialis in our region among the young people was higher than other published data.

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