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The Social Sciences

Year: 2017  |  Volume: 12  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 452 - 458

The Affecting Factors to the Level of Achievements of Value-Expectancy The Household Workers of the Area of Origin District Tulungagung Indonesia

Budijanto, Singgih Susilo, Mustofa and Hadi Soekamto


Study area about 2 decades ago is an area that most of the people are poor but in just a decade, remittances make the area turned into a center of diverse economic activities, neighborhood conditions which are arranged and luxurious impression. However how far are the factors capable to reaching into the 7 determinants from the level of achievement of the value-expectancy of household workers in the area of origin. The purposes of research as well as to obtain the level achievements of value-expectancy also want to discover and uncover the factors that affect the level of achievement of the value-expectancy of household workers in the area of origin. This study uses quantitative approach through survey methods. Sample areas are determined by purposive that is districts/villages which have the largest number of household workers. Total sample are 250 household workers were simple randomly selected (simple random sampling). The analysis data is descriptive and analysis statistical of Partial Least Square (PLS). The findings research showed that remittances have a significant effect on the level of achievement of all 7 determinants of value-expectancy. Meaning that remittances have increased prosperity, status, comfort, stimulants, autonomy, affiliation and morality, the household workers in the area of origin. Thus remittances who sent to households of origin area has maximize the actual revenues economic that is expected, social mobility and social status that is achieved, resident satisfaction, affiliation with household and friends and life-style preferences that is achieved.