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Radiation Protection Dosimetry

Year: 2009  |  Volume: 137  |  Issue: 1-2  |  Page No.: 149 - 155

Carbon-ion radiotherapy: clinical aspects and related dosimetry

A Fukumura, H Tsujii, T Kamada, M Baba, H Tsuji, H Kato, S Kato, S Yamada, S Yasuda, T Yanagi, R Hara, N Yamamoto, J Mizoe, K Akahane, S Fukuda, Y Furusawa, Y Iwata, T Kanai, N Kanematsu, A Kitagawa, N Matsufuji, S Minohara, N Miyahara, H Mizuno, T Murakami, K Nishizawa, K Noda, E Takada and S. Yonai


The features of relativistic carbon-ion beams are attractive from the viewpoint of radiotherapy. They exhibit not only a superior physical dose distribution but also an increase in biological efficiency with depth, because energy loss of the beams increases as they penetrate the body. This paper reviews clinical aspects of carbon-beam radiotherapy using the experience at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences. The paper also outlines the dosimetry related to carbon-beam radiotherapy, including absolute dosimetry of the carbon beam, neutron measurements and radiation protection measurements.

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