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Research Journal of Animal Sciences

Year: 2012  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 42 - 46

Characters of Henan Dairy Goat and its Development in Central China

Yuqin Wang, Li Yuanxiao, Wu Qiujue, Chu Mingxing and Zhang Xiaohui


The productive characteristics of Chinese Henan dairy goat and its development in central China are presented. Adult males being 82.86 cm and adult females 65.27 cm high at withers, weighing 69.9 and 39.96 kg, respectively. This breed has a high reproductive performance. Male and female kids reached puberty at a mean age of 120 and 150 days, respectively. The number of kids at one time varies from single to septuplet with the kidding rate is given as 2.02. Goat fed only on grass in first parity period, produced 619.19 kg milk in 305 days of lactation and 668.4 kg in second parity, 698.73 kg in third parity. The total solids, protein, ash content were rich in goat milk. On slaughter performance when kids are 10 months old, the live eight is 37.25 and 33.15 kg, carcass weight is 19.00 kg and 16.34, the slaughter rate are 54.09 and 53.00%, carcass dressing rate are 43.62 and 42.11%, respectively in male and female kids. The dairy goat’s fate in Henan province will be great attention.