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Research Journal of Animal Sciences

Year: 2010  |  Volume: 4  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 92 - 98

Association of Polymorphism of Microsatellite Markers with Litter Size in Chinese Funiu White Goat

Yuqin Wang, Zhang Nana, Wang Zhanbin, Wang Qingyi, Zhang Xiaohui, Bai Junyan and Pang Youzhi


With the aim to detect micro-satellites loci affecting prolific in Funiu White Goat, Eight micro-satellites loci (OarAE101, BM1329, BM 143, LSCV043, GC101, TGLA68, OarHH55 and OarHH35) were selected to study the genetic polymorphisms in Funiu White goats and to analyze their association with litter size of the goat breeds. Within these seven loci, Polymorphism Information Content (PIC), Number of effective alleles (Ne) and Heterozygosity (H) were calculated. The results showed that the mean number of alleles per locus was 7.63±1.60 (range from 6-11) and the mean Ne was 5.34±0.41 (range, 4.74-5.61) and the mean PIC was 0.79±0.02 (range, 0.756-0.799), the mean heterozygosity was 0.88±0.03 (range, 0.84-0.92). It is indicated that the 8 microsatellite loci on the litter size of goat showed that 110 and 110/110 bp at OarAE101, 147/160 bp at 1329, 108/118 and 108 bp at BM143, 160 and 123/160 bp at OarHH35, 115 and 115/115 bp at TGLA68, 123/123 and 145/150 bp at OarHH55, 95/160 bp at LSCV043 had positive effects on the litter size in Funiu White goat. While 155 bp at BM1329, 100/123 bp at BM143 has negative effects on the second litter size and 119/135 bp at OarHH 55,115/160 bp at LSCV043 has negative effects on the total litter size in Funiu White goat. These results may be applied to marker-assisted selection and molecular breeding of Funiu White goat in future.