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Research Journal of Medical Sciences

Year: 2018  |  Volume: 12  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 5 - 11

Antibacterial Assays of Malaysian Medicinal Plant Polygonum minus Using Different Extraction Methods

Nagi A. Al-Haj, Khadija Zedan Hassan, Alabed Ali A. Alabed, Abdullah Y. Al Mahdi, Rasheed Abdsalam and Sami Mohammed Albawani


Medicinal plants and herbal preparations are gaining renowned interest in scientific communities nowadays due to their reliable pharmacological actions and affordability to common people which makes them effective in control of various diseases. The present study was aimed to evaluate the antibacterial activities of aqueous, methanol and ethanol extracts against gram positive ad gram negative microorganism. The combination effects of Polygonum minus methanol extracts with streptomycin sulfate against gram positive Bacillus subtilis which showed 16.7% were synergy (2 out of 12 combinations), 16.7% were additive and (2 out of 12 combinations), 66.7% were indifferent (8 out of 12 combinations). While, combination effects between P. minus ethanol extract with streptomycin sulfate against Bacillus subtilis indicated that about 50% (6 out of 12 combinations) were antagonistic, 16.67% (2 out of 12 combinations) were indifferent and 33.33% (4 out of 12 combinations) were additive. The finding of this study concluded that gram-positive bacteria were more susceptible than the gram-negative and the combination effects between P. minus ethanol extract with streptomycin sulfate may lead to the development of a new and vital antimicrobial drugs against simultaneous infections of gram positive and gram negative microorganism.