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Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology

Year: 2010  |  Volume: 4  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 231 - 236

Effects of Heavy Metals (Copper and Cadmium) and Detergent (LAS) on White Fish Fry Rutilus frisii Kutum

M. Gholami, S.M.R. Fatemi, M. Falahi, A. Esmaili and A. Mashinchiyan


In this survey, the individual and mixed effects of heavy metals such as copper and cadmium and detergent (LAS) on 1 g white fish Fry (Rutilus frisii Kutum) were studied with 6 treatments and one blank in 3 replications using OECD method in the laboratory and concentration limits were determined with logarithmic method for Cadmium (0.1-0.5), copper (1-5) and LAS (10-19) mg L-1. Finally, the achieved results were calculated with Probit analysis and Correlation coefficient was regarded for Cadmium 0.93, copper 0.92 and LAS 0.98 and in mixture of Cadmium and LAS 0.93 and mixture of copper and LAS 0.98. The amounts of LC10, LC50 and LC90 and permissible limits of above mentioned pollutants were calculated too. Copper effect on white fish fry caused LC10 = 1.83, LC50 = 4.02, LC90 = 8.79 Cadmium effect caused LC10 = 0.11, LC50 = 0.21, LC90 = 0.34; LAS caused LC10 = 5.91, LC50 = 11.62, LC90 = 22.71; mixture of LAS and Cadmium caused LC10 = 0.017, LC50 = 0.047, LC90 = 0.12; mixture of LAS and copper caused LC10 = 0.02, LC50 = 0.09, LC90 = 0.37. Hierarchically, the amounts of pollutants permissible limits for Cadmium effect on white fish fry were 0.021, for copper 0.4, for LAS 1.16 and mixture of Cadmium and LAS 0.004 and mixture of LAS and copper 0.009.

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