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Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2018  |  Volume: 13  |  Issue: 11  |  Page No.: 663 - 674

Review of Intelligent Robotics Algorithms for Assistive Agents

Natalie Segura Velandia Ruben D. Hernandez Beleno and Robinson Jimenez Moreno


In this study it is present a review of artificial intelligence algorithms applied to robotic agents, emphasizing learning from Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). For the construction of this review, a bibliographical research was carried out in the databases of scientific articles, research journals and technological advances where the most important works are described which implement different methods in a variety applications such as autonomous vehicles, robots for space exploration and robotic manipulators in the planning of trajectories making use of CNN. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined as the technique in which there are developed algorithms capable of reasoning, learning and making decisions based on experience. This technique has achieved its interaction with robotic agents getting to create what is now known as intelligent robots, capable of solving and performing multiple tasks of daily life but like all developing science it is still possible to optimize and improve their algorithms to achieve human precision, referred to the manner and efficiency with which a human develops different types of activities. As a result, some of the applications that are available to people will be presented in order to highlight the extent to which this synergy of technologies has reached its development.