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Plant Pathology Journal

Year: 2002  |  Volume: 1  |  Issue: 2  |  Page No.: 58 - 60

Effect of Brown Spot on the Yield and Yield Contributing Characters of Different Hybrid Varieties/Lines of Boro Rice

R. Rashed, M. Hossain, M. R. Islam, N. Akter, A.R. Mazumder and M. Zakaria


Sixteen hybrid varieties/lines viz. Sonar Bangla-1, Sonar Bangla-5, Sonar Bangla-6, Sonar Bangla-12, 262H, 283H, 284H, 287H, 291H, 305H, 306H, 311H, 312H, 317H, 321H, 352H and check variety BR28 were evaluated under natural epiphytotics against Bipolaris oryzae to find out the effect of brown spot on their yield and yield contributing characters. The hybrid line 321H showed highest disease incidence (80%) and severity (77%) followed by 352H, 305H, 291H and Sonar Bangla-5. The lowest incidence (40.50%) and severity (45%) were recorded in case of hybrid line 312H followed by 287H, 284H and 283H. Eventually, 312H performed the highest yield (6.88 t ha-1) and the lowest (3.54 t ha-1) was in case of 321H. Yield contributing character like number of effective tillers/hill, panicle length, number of grains/panicle were significantly higher in 312H while number of spotted grains and unfilled grains/panicle were significantly higher in 321H. Disease incidence and severity were correlated significantly and negatively with the yield.

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