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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition

Year: 2014  |  Volume: 13  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 50 - 55

Efficacy of Different Insecticides Against Mushroom Sciarid Fly (Lycoriella auripila) in Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Hussnain Babar, Muhammad Ashfaq, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Hamid Bashir and Muhammad Asif Ali


Sciarid fly, Lycoriella auripila is the most destructive insect pest of mushroom causing serious threat to mushroom production and cultivation in Pakistan. Chemical control is the most effective easier and quicker method to control this inset pest which is commonly used by our farming community. So there was a dire need to evaluate some commercial insecticides against this pest. The present study was therefore, conducted to evaluate six commercial insecticides (deltamethrin, spinosad, spintoram, trichlorphon, malathion and permethrin) against sciarid fly for three consecutive years (2008 to 2010). During present study the insecticides evaluation was done on the bases of three parameters viz. percent reduction in adult emergence, mushroom damage rate by sciarid fly larvae and mushroom yield per unit area. All insecticides caused significant reductions in adult emergence and mushroom damage rates as compared to control. On overall bases for three years, the data revealed that maximum reduction of adult emergence (84.61, 86.32 and 83.42%) and minimum damage rate by sciarid flies (10.60, 9.53 and 13.73%) as well as maximum yield per plot (8.30, 8.02 and 8.12 kg/m2) was observed in spinosad treated plots, followed by trichlorphon and deltamethrin which were statistically at par. The results of present study showed that deltamethrin, spinosad and trichlorphon may be very effective insecticides to control mushroom sciarid fly in Pakistan.

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