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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition

Year: 2014  |  Volume: 13  |  Issue: 6  |  Page No.: 327 - 330

Utilization of Milk Processing by Product (Whey) as Based of Edible Film Making with Glycerol Adding as Plasticizer

Salam N. Aritonang and Sri Melia


The research on the utilization of milk processing by product (whey) as based edible film making with glycerol adding as plasticizer has been done. Two thousand milliliters of whey is added to ethanol 95% (1:1) and heated to 60°C and then added as much as 1% of the CMC and then treated with the addition of glycerol as much as 2.5% (A), 3% (B), 3.5% (C), 4% (D) and 4.5% (E) in randomized block design with five replications. This research aims to determine the effect of adding glycerol to the characteristics of the edible film. The Variable was observed in this research were the moisture, protein, pH, thickness, viscosity and shelf life of the edible film. Result of the research showed that the higher glycerol plasticizer adding was decreased of moisture and protein content significantly (p<0.01) and increased pH, thickness and shelf life of the edible film. The use of glycerol plasticizer as much as 4% is the optimum in producing good edible film.

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