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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 10  |  Issue: 9  |  Page No.: 846 - 850

The Effect of Temperature and Drying Time on the Characteristic of Reddish Grey Fruit Instant Powder (Sizyqium cumini)

Kesuma Sayuti, Nurhaida Hamzah, Tuty Anggraini and Nursyafrina Andesta


The aim of this research was to show the effect of temperature and drying time on reddish grey fruit instant powder. Completely randomize design with 2 factors had been used. The factors were drying temperature, A (A1 = 60oC and A2 = 70oC) and drying time, B (B1 = 3 h and B2 = 4 h). The result showed, the drying at temperature 60oC during 3 h was the best product. The composition of the instant powder are 5.76 mg/100 g vitamin C; 4.54% moisture content; 8.50% water-insoluble compound; 28.06% sugar content; 0.52% crude fiber and 0.24% total anthocyanin. The value of liquor color is 4.09, flavor is 3.33 and taste is 3.45.

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