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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition

Year: 2011  |  Volume: 10  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 625 - 630

The Effects of Using Variety of by Products Palm Industry on Ration Towards the Characteristics Rumen Fluid of Ettawa Goat According to In vitro Analysis

Arief, Novirman Jamarun and M. Winugroho


Palm manufacture industry has produced many kinds of by products which can potentially be a feedstuffs such as Palm Kernel Cake (PKC), Palm Oil Sludge (POS) and Palm Press Fiber (PPF). From the whole result of production, only 40% of products from palm which can be used for human’s consumption, while 60% is the by product which can potentially be feedstuffs. In 2008, the area of palm plantation in Indonesia reaches 7.3 millions of Ha with the production reaches 19.2 millions of ton and on 2009, the area of palm reaches 7.9 million of Ha with the production of 19.4 millions of ton (PTPN, 2009). From those productions above, the potential of by product of palm manufacture industry which will be produced and used as feedstuffs is really big. The aim of the research was conducted rumen’s fluid characteristics of ettawa goat given ration by paoducts of palm industry. The matter used on this experiment was by products of palm industry which consists of PKC, POS and PPF which can be formulated in a complete ration with different composition in forage 60% and 40% concentrate. Substrate of complete ration which will be evaluated in in-vitro analysis, was made in the form of flour and the making of medium liquid which consist of macro mineral, micro mineral, resazurin, buffer and Reducing Agent (RA) was pointed to the method of Theodorou and Brooks (1990). The measured variable is the characteristic of rumen’s fluid including total production of gas, pH, rumen’s bacteria, NH3 and VFA throughout 48 h of incubation. The result of experiment showed that the use of by products of palm industry formulated in a complete ration produce the characteristic of rumen’s liquid which still complete the standard, concerned from pH (6.44), total gas production (97.00 ml), the amount of bacteria colony (5.02 x 109 cfu/ml), NH3 (74 mg/l) and VFA (81.68 mM). From the whole parameter above, it can be concluded that the by product of palm industry can be used as feedstuffs and have a big potential to replace substance of conventional ration which is normally used.

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