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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition

Year: 2009  |  Volume: 8  |  Issue: 1  |  Page No.: 13 - 19

Biochemical Compounds and Nutritional Roles of the Foods Explained in the Qur`an

G.R. Asadi karam, Z. Salem, S. Nakhlestanei, M. Sirati Sabet, M. Mahmoodi, A. Rezaee and H.R. Alavi


Moslems believe that Islam is the most perfect religion and Qur'an the most perfect book that explains all human needs with the best style and there isn't any defect in Islam and Qur'an. The Holy Qur'an says; let man consider his food. Therefore we have decided to investigate the nutritional roles of those foods stated in Qur'an and their biochemical compounds. Almost all diet that is known as complete food today, mentioned in Qur'an and their advantages explained occasionally. A number of verses justified some differences that there were in divine religions about food consumption and a few explained advantages and disadvantages of certain nutrients and drinks such as wine. However according to our knowledge about nutritional roles of food in Qur'an it could be concluded their importance in health and prevention of disorders. Nevertheless, Islam has stressed on health and ordered to save it as a deposit, so the foods mentioned in Qur'an might have a lot of advantages, for example the best oil that has protective role in atherosclerosis is olive oil that is contain of a lot of ω9 fatty acids, researchers say today, olive is mentioned several times in Holy Qur'an. It is more possible that many unknown advantages in olive and other Qur'an's nutrients exist that will be revealed in future. Therefore Moslem scientists have an important duty to reveal a part of these unknowns.

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