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Pakistan Journal of Nutrition

Year: 2002  |  Volume: 1  |  Issue: 6  |  Page No.: 263 - 266

Shelf Life of Different Types of Dahi at Room and Refrigeration Temperature

M. Kamruzzaman, M. N. Islam and M. M. Rahman


Two types of dahi were prepared. One type was prepared by using 10, 20 and 30% banana juice with whole milk and another one (plain dahi) was prepared by using whole milk only. Dahi samples were stored both in room temperature and refrigeration temperature until deterioration. During storage samples were analyzed for getting the organoleptic quality (Smell and Taste, Body and Consistency, Colour and Texture), percentage of acidity and pH value. Organoleptic quality and pH value of different types of dahi samples decreased but acidity percentage increased during storage at both room and refrigeration temperature. Plain dahi was in good condition up to 3 days of storage period and banana juice based dahi was up to 2 days only at room temperature. On the other hand, at refrigeration temperature plain dahi was suitable for consumption up to 12 days and banana juice based dahi was up to 8 days. Keeping quality of banana juice based dahi was lower than that of plain dahi both under room and refrigeration temperature.

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