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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2018  |  Volume: 21  |  Issue: 4  |  Page No.: 166 - 170

Blood Biochemical Profile in Fertile and Repeat Breeder Ongole Cross Breed Cows

D.T. Widayati, S. Bintara, I. Natawihardja and D. Maharani


Background and Objective: Repeat breeding is a major problem in beef cows. The objective of the present study was to determine the blood biochemical levels in repeat breeder and fertile Ongole cross breed cows. Materials and Methods: This study compared the blood biochemical profiles from 30 repeat breeders and 30 fertile Ongole cross breed cows. Plasma glucose, total cholesterol, total protein and urea nitrogen concentrations were examined in repeat breeder cows and compared with those of fertile cows. Blood samples were collected from the caudal vein into anticoagulant-coated tubes. Cells were removed from plasma by centrifugation and blood glucose, total cholesterol and urea nitrogen concentrations were measured using commercially available kits; a non-commercial kit was used to determine total protein content. Results: Significantly different blood profiles between repeat breeder and fertile cows were reported. Specifically, repeat breeder cows had lower levels of glucose, total cholesterol and total protein, but higher levels of urea nitrogen than fertile cows. Conclusion: Finally, a low level of total protein, total cholesterol and glucose, accompanied by a high level of urea nitrogen, may cause reproductive problems in repeat breeders. Additionally, present findings indicated that biochemical blood profiling could be used as a diagnostic tool for repeat breeding.

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