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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2014  |  Volume: 17  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 920 - 924

Growth Performance and Survival Rate of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man, 1979) Larvae Using Different Doses of Probiotics

Ahasan Habib, Nani Gopal Das and M. Belal Hossain


The efficiency of probiotics (Ecomarine) in rearing of Macrobrachium rosenbergii larvae was evaluated in a commercial prawn hatchery for five weeks. Stage-1 (zero age) larvae (of length: 2 mm; weight: 0.12 mg) were stocked at the rate of 100 L-1. The experiment determined the growth rate, survival rate of the larvae for the both treatment and control groups. Final average weight were found 8.39±3.28E-04 and 8.18±2.86E-04 mg and length were found 9.08±0.649 and 9.02±0.081 mm for treatment and control group respectively. Comparatively higher growth performance was observed in treatment than control. Post Larvae (PL) was first observed 20th days of culture in treatment tanks whereas PL in control tanks was found 24th days of culture. Survival rate was found 58 and 46% in treatment and control group respectively. There was significant (p<0.05) survival rate between two experiment groups. This study revealed that probiotics could be better in quality seed production of M. rosenbergii while significant changes were not noticed in the physic-chemical parameters i.e., water temperature, salinity, DO, pH, nitrate-NO2, hardness and alkalinity observed in both the treatments.

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