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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2006  |  Volume: 9  |  Issue: 10  |  Page No.: 1945 - 1949

Growth and Instability of Frozen Food, Shrimp and Fish Export from Bangladesh

M.A. Awal, M.E. Haque and M.F. Imam


The study estimates the growth rates of frozen food, shrimp and fish export and instability of export earnings. The study evaluates the export marketing of frozen food, shrimp and fish by using time series aggregated data from the year of 1972-73 to 2003-04. The growths of frozen food were 57, 4 and 9% during period I, II and III, respectively. The export growth rate of shrimp was 54% in period I and 14 and 10% in the period II and III, respectively. The overall estimated shrimp export growth was 22%. The growth rates of fish export earning during period I, II and III were 6, 6 and 7%, respectively. The negative fluctuations in frozen food were more deep during 1974-75 (-67%), 977-78 (19%) and 1980-81(14%). The large positive deviations were observed during 2002-03 (52%), 973-74 (28%) and 1978-79 (13%). The negative fluctuation of shrimp export earnings more deep during 1974-75 (-65%), 977-78 (-20%) and 2001-02 (-14%) and positive deviations were in 2002-03 (53%), 973-74 (25), 976-77 and 2000-01 (15%) and 1978-79 (13%). The positive fluctuations of fish export earnings were in 1973-74 (64%), 985-86 (61%) and 1975-76 (54%) and negative fluctuations in the year 1976-77 (-85%), 984-85 (-46%) and 2001-02(-27%). The contribution of shrimp sector to our total export earnings was 5% in 2003-04 and insignificant share of only 0.84% in the year 1972-73. It was revealed that the present circumstances of this sector demands different institutional supports desperately from different angles to enhance the marketing activities and to strengthen the competitive position in the international market with a view to ensuring more contribution to our economy from the aforementioned.

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