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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2006  |  Volume: 9  |  Issue: 2  |  Page No.: 182 - 185

Effect of Selection for Growth on Production Performance in Black Bengal Goats

F. Akhtar, A.B.M.M. Islam and M.R. Amin


Selection for growth at 6 months of age in Black Bengal goats was practiced to improve the growth and production performance. Selection was done for three generations. Two groups were maintained simultaneously, selected group and control group. The birth weight of selected group (0.98 kg) was significantly (p<0.01) higher than the control group (0.85 kg). Body weights in selected group at 3, 6, 9, 12 months were 4.85, 8.11, 10.68 and 15.49 kg and that of control group were 4.36, 6.86, 9.76 and 13.52 kg, respectively having significant differences (p<0.05). The reproductive performance and survivability were also studied to predict the extent of correlated response on them as a result of selection for growth. Age at first service was 281 days in selected line and that of random bred was 265 days. The weight at first service were 10.96 and 9.32 kg, respectively in selected and control lines. The number of service per conception of two groups were 1.17 and 1.19, respectively in selected and control does. Litter size of goats was 2.10 and 1.93 in selected and control lines, respectively. The kidding interval in selected does was lower (233.47 days) than that of random bred (274.60 days). The litter weight in selected and control kids were 1.62 and 1.42 kg, respectively. The pre-weaning kid survivability (%) of selected and control lines upto 60 days were 87.4 and 89.3, respectively. From the results, it was concluded that selection for growth at 6 months in Black Bengal goats substantially improved growth efficiency and production performance without affecting fertility and fitness.

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