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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2004  |  Volume: 7  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 409 - 411

Aeromonas hydrophila Infection in Fish of Swamps in Bangladesh

Sabina Yesmin, M.H. Rahman, M. Afzal Hussain, A.R. Khan, Farzana Pervin and M.A. Hossain


For studying the load of the bacterium, Aeromonas hydrophila in swamps and artificial fish infection, four swamps were studied in Rajshahi University campus during November, 2001 to October, 2002. The load of A. hydrophila was found to vary from 1.16x107 to 4.90x107 CFU ml-1. In the artificial infection to the snakehead, Channa punctatus, the mortality rates were recorded as 100, 75, 25, 12.5 and 0% at 3.42x109, 3.42x108, 3.42x107, 3.42x106 and 3.42x105 CFU fish ml-1, respectively. The average bacterial load in the swamps (3.42x107 CFU ml-1) was slightly higher than that prevailed in the control pond (3.13x107 CFU ml-1). Swamps can be utilized at the present bacterial load for the fish culture.

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