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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2004  |  Volume: 7  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 1099 - 1103

Micropropagation of Woody Legume (Albizia lebbeck) Through Tissue Culture

A.N.K. Mamun, M.N. Matin, M.A. Bari, N.A. Siddique, R.S. Sultana, M.H. Rahman and A.S.M. Musa


The woody legume, Albizia lebbeck, commonly cultivated for social forestry in rural area of Bangladesh was selected for micropropagation by tissue culture technique. Cotyledon, nodal segment of in vitro grown seedlings and nodal segments of field grown mature tree were used as explants. With proper manipulation of cytokinin and auxin combinations and concentrations, it was possible to induce callus from three types of explants of Albizia lebbeck. Different combinations of BA with NAA and KIN with NAA were proved efficient media formulation for callus induction. Among all the hormonal supplements used BA-NAA combination with MS medium was proved best in all respect of callusing response in Albizia lebbeck. Among the explants the in vitro internodal segments were the best for callus induction. The highest 100% callus induction was observed in media having MS+2.0 mg L-1 BA+0.2 mg L-1 NAA and the fresh weight of callus was 1.3 g. Among these three explants of Albizia lebbeck only calli derived from cotyledon regenerated best shoots in MS media supplemented with BA singly or in combination with NAA and KIN. In respect of direct shoot regeneration nodal explants of Albizia lebbeck produced highest range of regenerated shoots.

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