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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2003  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 680 - 685

Studies on the Effects of Pod Position on the Mother Plant and Sowing Density on Flowering, Pod Production, Seed Yield, Yield Components and Viability (Germination) of Pea Seeds

A.B. Siddique, A. Khatun, M.M. Rahman and D. Wright


Studies were provided evidence that as density of plant increased seed yield decreased and number of pods per plant, number of seeds per plant, number of seeds per pod, seed weight per plant and 100 seed weight all decreased. High density also produced the poorest quality pea seeds. There were no differences in germination percentage of the seeds produced from the main stem. However, the seeds produced from the branches showed a variation in germination. The germination percentage was similar in the lower nodes but in the upper nodes of the branches showed a lower germination percentage.

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