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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2003  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 13  |  Page No.: 1151 - 1155

Effects of Water-Logging on Juice Quality and Yield of Sugarcane

M. Fida Hasan, M.R. Alam, M.A. Jabber, M.K. Begum and M.A.S. Miah


Chemical quality and yield performance were studied in six new sugarcane genotypes at normal and water-logging condition. The highest chemical indices, Brix % (22.20) and pol % (20.53) were found in January’ 2002 in I-93/93 and I-110/93 respectively and the lowest in I-39/94 (Brix %: 14.93; pol %: 12.52) at water-logged cultivated cane in all months. The highest of purity % (95.79) and recovery % (13.05) were found in I-110/93 in the month December 2001 and January’ 2002 respectively and the lowest in Isd 20 (purity % : 77.44; recovery % 6.49 in September 2001) at water-logged and normal cultivated cane respectively. The highest R.S. % (1.51) was found in I-39/94 in all months and the lowest in I-110/93 (0.09) at water-logged cultivated cane. Result showed that the highest tiller (183.3×1000 ha–1 in I-110/93), millable cane (117.8×1000 ha–1 in I-8/95), Yield (162.8 t ha–1 in I-8/95) and TSH (16.63 ton sugar ha–1 in I-110/93) were found in normal cultivated and the lowest were found in water-logged cultivated sugarcane (tiller 107.6×1000 ha–1 in Isd 20; millable cane 73.38×1000 ha–1 in Isd 30; yield 59.4 t ha–1 in Isd 20 and TSH 6.75 ton sugar ha–1 in Isd 20). It is concluded that the highest percentage in juice quality were found in water-logged condition cultivated cane, on the other hand growth & yield performance were also found in highest in normal cultivated cane. In aspect of sugar production some tested cultivars showed (Isd-20, I-93/93 and I-8/95) similar performance in normal and water-logged cultivated sugarcane due to genetic potentiality and environmental adaptation on quality, yield and growth.

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