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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2003  |  Volume: 6  |  Issue: 13  |  Page No.: 1092 - 1095

Parasitic Infestation in Different Fresh Water Fishes of Mini Dams of Potohar Region, Pakistan

Muhammad Nasim Khan, Farhat Aziz, Muhammad Afzal, Abdul Rab, Lubna Sahar, Ramzan Ali and S.M.H. Mehdi Naqvi


The present study was conducted to investigate the parasitic profile and their level of infestation in and around Potohar region, i.e; Meinhart and Mangia mini Dams. A total of 78 fishes belonging to five different species, including; Cyprinus Carpio (Common carp), Hypophthalmicthys molitrix (Silver carp), Ctenopharyngodon idella (Grass carp), Cirrhinus mrigala (Mori) and Labio rohita (Rohu), were studied. Nine different species of parasites were found in these fishes, viz; Chilodonella sp. and Trichdina sp. (Protozoans), Lernaea cyprinacae, Ergasilus sp. and Argulus sp.(Crustaceans), Contracaecum larvae and Rhabdochona charsddensis (Nematodes), Grodactylus sp. (monogenetic Trematode) and Piscicola sp. (fish leech). Generally the fish were found infected with one species of parasites while mixed infections were far less. C. carpio was found to be the most prone and C. idella the least infected with parasites. Among parasites Lernaea cyprinacae and monogenetic Trematodes were the most frequent infectants. Parasitic infection increases with increase in temperature. The diversity of parasites was more pronounced than their frequency or number in this area and that for mini dams more intensive and regular monitoring of parasites is required for fisheries management.

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