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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2001  |  Volume: 4  |  Issue: 7  |  Page No.: 909 - 911

Egg Traits and Hatching Performance of Desi, Fayumi and Rhode Island Red Chicken

Farooq . M, F. R. Durrani, M. Aleem, N. Chand and A. K. Muqarrab


Egg and shell weight, egg length and width, % hatchability, fertility, loss in egg contents during incubation and weight of newly hatched chicks were studied in 120 eggs (40 eggs each of Fayumi, Rhode Island Red (RIR) and Desi chicken). %hatchability on the basis of total eggs set and on the basis of fertility was higher in Fayumi (65.96±0.07 vs. 88.57±0.08%) than in Desi (60.00±0.18 vs. 61.76±0.08%) and RIR chicken (42.86±0.07% vs. 80.77±0.10%). Higher fertility was found in Desi (74.47±0.08%) than in Fayumi (64.71±0.23%) and RIR chicken (53.06±0.45%). Larger egg weight and chicken weight was found for RIR (53.94±0.69 vs. 35.32±0.86 g) than for Desi (45.88±0.67 vs. 33.84±0.83 g) and Fayumi chicken (44.84±0.54 vs. 30.74±0.72 g). Egg weight was found significantly and positively correlated (r=0.4962) with hatching chick weight. Percent loss in egg contents was higher in RIR (24.41±0.42%) than in eggs of Fayumi (22.11±0.36%) and Desi chicken (19.18±0.38%). Egg shell weight was larger in RIR (4.77±0.09 g) than in Fayumi (4.54±0.09 g) and Desi chicken (4.46±0.06 g). Shell was thicker in RIR (0.39±0.01 mm) and Fayumi (0.38±0.01 mm) than in Desi chicken (0.34±0.02 mm). Egg length (5.57±0.03 cm) and width (4.19±0.02 cm) were higher in RIR chicken than in Desi (5.26±0.03 vs. 3.96±0.02 cm) and Fayumi eggs (5.17±0.03 vs. 3.93±0.02 cm). Egg length to width ratio was around 1.33 and non-significant differences were found in all types of chicken. Egg length (r=0.446) and width (r=0.426) was found significantly correlated with hatching chick weight. Egg weight (r=0.184), shell weight (r=- 0.504), egg length (r=0.581) and width (r=0.78) were also found significantly correlated with hatching chick weight. On the other hand egg length (r=-0.187) and width (r=-0.181) were found negatively and significantly correlated with % hatchability. On overall basis Fayumi chicken performed better than RIR and Desi chicken.

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