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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2000  |  Volume: 3  |  Issue: 2  |  Page No.: 257 - 260

Study on the Effects of Fertilization on the Fatty Acid Profile of Artemia Cysts

S.U. Ahmed, M.S. Rahman and M.S.A. Khan


A study was undertaken to find out the effect of fertlization on the fatty acid profile of Artemia cysts (GSL strain, Utah, USA origin) produced from the modified traditional solar salt works of Bangladesh during winter months (January-March) through different fertilization treatments (T1,T2,T3). Application of fertilizer for T1 was 50 kg urea + 20 kg TSP/ha, T2 was 500 kg dried and powdered chicken manure/ha and T3 was 1000 kg dried and powdered chicken manure/ha with dress up weekly/bi-weekly fertilization in all the cases. Palmitic, Linolenic, Eicosapantaenonic and Docohexaenoic acids (mg/g.DW) were found highest for the cysts in T1 (16.0±1.36%), T2 (14.7±0.47%), T2 (4.7±0.40%) and T2 (0.7±0.06%) treatments, respectively. High amount of 18:3(n-3) acids in the cysts of all sources proves to be freshwater type of the cysts. The presence of marine type essential fatty acids in the cysts of all sources were found low for 20:5n-3 (3.7-4.7%) and very low for 22:6n-3 (0.09-0.7%). No significant variation was observed for 16:0 acids within the treatments, but for 18:3(n-3) acid, the variation was found highly significant (P= 0.0052) between T2 and T3. For 20:5(n-3), only variation between T2 and T3 was found insignificant (P=0.1161), but between other treatments, significant variation was observed between T2 and T3 (P=0.0241), T2 and T3 (P=0.0022) and T1 andT3 (P=0.0161).

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