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Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 1999  |  Volume: 2  |  Issue: 3  |  Page No.: 722 - 724

Yield and Quality of Barley Grain as Influenced by Nitrogen Application

M. Ayub, I. A.P. Dewi and A. Tanveer


A pot experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of nitrogen levels (0, 50, and 100 kg ha-1) on grain yield, yield components and quality of barley grain. Grain yield was increased progressively with nitrogen application up to 100 kg ha-1. Higher grain yield with nitrogen application was related to higher number of fertile tillers, number of grains per spike and 1000-grain weight. 50 and 100 kg N ha-1 gave significantly lower grain crude protein percentage both in grain and straw than O kg N ha-1. Modified acid detergent fibre percentage of straw and grain was not affected by the application of nitrogen.

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