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Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Year: 2012  |  Volume: 7  |  Issue: 2  |  Page No.: 110 - 113

In vitro Antibacterial and Antifungal Potentials of Petroleum Ether Extract of Moringa oleifera

J. Das, S.K. Biswas, A. Chowdhury, S.R. Sharif and M.A. Hannan


The petroleum ether extract of stem barks of Moringa oleifera Lam. was evaluated for antibacterial and antifungal activities. Ten bacterial strains were used in the study for antibacterial activities while six species of fungi were also bioassayed for their response to the extract. Agar disc diffusion method was used for antibacterial and antifungal assay of the petroleum ether extract at 500 μg disc-1. The results were also compared with the standard drugs, amoxicillin (10 μg disc-1) and griseofulvin (10 μg disc-1). The obtained results showed inactivity of the petroleum ether extract to all of the tested bacterial and fungal strains.

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